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    Successful Changing Places Installation – Choosing equipment (Part 1)

    Changing Places Installation | Choosing Equipment (Part 1)

    This blog covers choosing the right equipment for a changing places toilet. Further to the previous blog “Your environment and design of the room” it is time to move onto “Choosing the Equipment”. In this 2nd section of the the 5 step guide to a successful changing places installation we will cover some of the important pieces of equipment that are included in the installation.

    As you read on in the blog you will notice that there are various options of equipment. The selection of any equipment will depend on a number of factors, including:

    • Budget
    • Space
    • Services available
    • Anticipated users

    Ceiling Hoist

    When considering the ceiling hoist, there are a number of factors that influence the choice to ensure that the most appropriate option is chosen.

    One key factor will be the structural support that is available. Whilst it is possible to support of almost any surface, deally if there is wupports from the walls either form a block wall or pattressed stud walls this will provide a safe and fast installation, and reduce risks for future maintenance.

    Generally an H frame hoist is the preferred option – in a rectangular room it will cover the whole room and provide access to the main transfer area in the centre, and to the couch and toilet. Changing places recommend a minimum SWL of 200kg – this can be increased with both the GH1 and GH3 hoists if required.

    If you are working to a tight budget, the GH1 is a perfect choice. Cost effective and simple to operate,itis compatible with most loop slings and it also looks very attractive! Charging is done through the handset, users simply place back on charge after use to a dedicated wall mounted unit.

    The GH3 is the ultimate choice if you are looking for ease of use. Featuring a constant charge system, meaning the batteries never run down and the hoist does not have to be parked after use, it offers amazing reliability and a real design edge. Your users will be wowe with the GH3.

    Changing Couch

    When choosing the changing couch, the main consideration is whether a free standing (sometimes called a mobile shower trolley) or a wall mounted version is required. Both types are available as electrically height adjustable, whist the mobile shower trolley is also available as hydraulically height adjustable. Fixed height changing bench are also available, however they are not recommended by the Changing Places Consortium)

    British Standards – BS8300 requires that the bench is height adjustable, at least 1800mm long and capable of lifting 125kg (19.6 stone).

    You may specify a wall mounted version because

    • It cannot be removed or stolen!
    • It is electrically height adjustable, yet there is no battery
    • It is safer for one carer to operate as it is against the wall
    • It goes very low so smaller users such as children can climb on to it

    A mobile shower trolley may be beneficial when

    • There is no structural support in the walls (I.e. they are stud walls)
    • Access is regularly required for two carers
    • It could be difficult to get power behind the wall
    • The shower is centrally located, and the it would be beneficial for the trolley to be moved into the centre of the room


    Fixed height washbasins for Changing Places

    When considering fixed height washbasins for Changing Places toilet, it is important not to get confused with ‘Doc M’ basins. Doc M basins are small handwash basins, that sit to the side of a toilet that the user can access whilst sitting on the toilet. This type of basin, whilst ideal for a disabled toilet is not suitable for Changing Places applications as the basin is too small and not accessible for wheelchair users.

    A far better option is the Vitra S20 Accessible basin. It is a high-quality basin with a curved front to enable wheelchair access, and generous proportions for washing. The unique design enables wheelchairs user to approach, and it can be supplied with or without a tap hole.

    For details on the Vitra basin click here.

    Adjustable height Basin Options for Changing Places toilet

    When considering height adjustable basin options, the main consideration is whether to install an electric or manual version.

    Electrical height adjustable versions are easy to operate and can be controlled either by a handset or a lever. The basin is wired to a permanent 240v supply and a waterproof connection This is the ultimate option as it provides flexibility, the ability to alter the height for every user without any effort on the part of the user or carer, and is simple and safe.

    The Select basin option is ideal for Changing Places as all the plumbing is concealed, and with nothing exposed there is less chance of damage or vandalism, keeping everything safe and secure.

    A manually height adjustable version operates with a gas strut, similar to that used on the boot of a car. It takes the weight of the basin, allowing for easy height adjustment. It still offers the ability to alter the height for each user, however is not as intuitive as the electrical version.

    However, the gas version is not as expensive as the electrical version, and in situations where the users are mainly adults, (e.g. Adult Day Centre) this may be a better option. If on the other hand, the basin is to be installed in a Theme park where the will be a variety of users, the electrical version is a better option.

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