Guldmann Sling Extension Straps

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The Guldmann Extension Straps provide a comfortable and safe patient transfer, where additional height is needed. The extension straps can help your patient obtain various seating positions where intended. The straps come in two different lengths and fit onto your spreader bar and sling.



Guldmann Sling Extension Straps are used in care environments to help patients achieve alternative sitting positions or where different lifting heights are required. they simply loop around the straps on the sling, providing extra flexibility when hoisting.

They also provide greater clearance between the spreader bar and patients face, making the perfect for use with taller patients. They can be used on either the leg or shoulder straps, and easily removed if not required.

The Extension Straps are provided as a pair and are available at 20cm or 30cm lengths.

Guldmann Sling Extension Straps User Guide
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