Guldmann Patient Turner

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Patient Turning sling for turning patients in bed with a hoist. This simple yet effective sling reduces manual handling, and supports patients during crucial care activities.

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The Guldmann Patient Turner is an inexpensive yet valuable aid for turning immobile patients in bed. It works by simply sliding the turner underneath the patient using the unique design this requires minimal effort. Once under the patient, the turner is then connected to the bedframe on the far side of the patient using the strong velcro straps.

The Patient Turner is then attached to a ceiling or mobile hoist and used to to gently roll the patient in bed. Throughout the manouvre the patient remains supported leaving the carers free to focus on the patient, without having to manually support the patient.

Removing the patient turner is just as simple. Once the manoeuvre has been completed, the strap can be removed from the bedframe. The patient turner is folded underneath itself (to avoid any shear against the skin of the patient, and pulled out from beneath the patient.

Aiding single handed care

The patient turner is a fantastic aid to single carer care packages. One carer can apply the turner, and once the patient has been turned, they are supported in the turner enabling the carer to change pads, apply a sling or change the bedsheet.

Easy to use, clean and maintain

The turner is constructed from highly durable polyester woven fabric, and can be washed at up to 80°c to avoid cross infection risks. It features a woven label that will not wear out, and the straps are hard wearing for longevity. The unique polyester fabric has low friction properties, acting in the same way as a slide sheet.

Double or single version available

For situations where patients have to be rolled bot sides in bed, we also have the twin patient turner. Once underneath a patient, it can be used to roll both ways, reducing manual handling. For more information on the double turner, please click here.

Options: Patient specific version also available.

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