Changing Places – Ancillary Items

To support your new Changing Places Room, Multicare offer the ful range of accessories required for a successful installation.
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Within a Changing Places room there are ancillary items required to complete the installation, making it practical for all types of user. Multicare can assist you with these ancillary items, to give a complete Changing Places Installation.

Colostomy Shelf

A colostomy shelf is an essential requirement and enabling users of the room to place colostomy bags and other essential items on a secure platform full stop

Emergency Alarm Cord

An emergency alarm called with a a visual indicator on the outside of the door is useful should users have an accident or if there is an emergency within the changing places room.

Vertical Grab Rails

A selection of 600mm long grab rails are required to assist users when using the basin and toilet. They should be a contrasting colour, such as dark grey or dark blue to aid visually impaired persons. There should also be an additional grab rail on the back of the door to assist users in closing the door.

Drop Down Rail

Either side of the toilet there should be a a fold down grab Rail between 700 and 900 mm long to add users when standing up from using the toilet. They should be a contrasting colour such as dark grey or dark blue to aid visually impaired persons.

Standard Height Toilet with Lever Flush

A toilet is required that should be at least 1000 mm from the corner of the room to enable carers to access from both side and assist users of the toilet. The toilet should be fitted with a flush lever for easier use, and should also have a contrasting toilet seat for visually impaired persons.

Large Hygiene Roll (Couch Roll Dispenser)

Large hygiene roll dispenser should be located close to the couch. dispensing wide paper couch rolls this enables users to have a fresh paper sheet on the couch for each changing session, improving hygiene and reducing risk of cross-infection.

Shower unit

Whilst not a requirement of changing places, a shower unit is recommended to improve hygiene processes and make the room more accessible for all, particularly those who have advanced hygiene needs. The shower should be thermostatically controlled and preferably have long levers for use by Disabled Persons. It is also recommended that an extra long shower hose is fitted to an able the shower to cover the entire length of the couch. Multicare recommend the Triton Omnicare Shower as a good option.

Two sets of 3 Coat Hooks

It is also recommended that two sets of three coat hooks are fitted at varying heights to enable users to hang shopping, coats, rucksacks etc whilst their undertaking the changing process.

Paper Towel and Soap Dispenser

Paper towel and soap dispensers should be fitted at recommended heights for ease of access by the ambulance and wheelchair users.

Waste Bins

In addition to a standard waste bin, a yellow hygiene waste bin should also be supplied for disposal of nappies and other personal care products.

Non Slip Flooring

The entire room should be fitted with non-slip flooring to ensure safety for users and ease of cleaning.


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