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GH3 ceiling hoist – Designed for the toughest environments

Guldmann GH3 Hoist

Advanced technology

The Guldmann GH3 hoist is a powerful ceiling hoist designed to operate in the toughest environments. Advanced digital technology combined with a constant charge system, constantly monitors the usage of the hoist, ensuring batteries are maintained in optimum condition. The GH3 can be specified with integral scales, care lift management and servicing modules, enabling detailed management of the hoist, to ensure it is being used and maintained correctly.

Every feature of the GH3 hoist has been thought out in minute detail – the constant charge system ensures that the hoist is always available and ready for use, reducing user error and minimising call outs. The hoist constantly monitors the battery life to ensure they cannot be permanently damaged by misuses whilst the latest technology Lithium Ion batteries themselves are designed for maximum life span.

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Speed of lifting and descending can be programmed through the handset making the module extremely user friendly. This is perfect for children with sensory or spatial awareness needs, ensuring that they are lifted at a speed that is comfortable and safe for them.


Many hoists require the lifting tape to be replaced after a number of years, however with the GH3 this is not the case – the lifting tape only needs replacing if worn or damaged. the extra wide design, and construction of the lifting tape means it will last for longer than almost any other hoist.

The next generation Lithium Ion batteries of the GH3 are highly reliable, and have an anticipated lifespan of up to 15 years – a massive increase in the 3 – 5 years of standard gel batteries!

Constant charge

The GH3 module charges itself through the rails, irrespective of where in the system the lifting module is positioned. This ensures that the ceiling hoist is always ready to use. It is designed specifically for the working conditions that are typical in professional care settings.

Interchangeable spreader bar

With the click of a button the spreader bar on the GH3 can be changed and a choice of two pediatric versions fitted. this simple action takes seconds, requires not tools, and vastly improves safety when hoisting small children with a narrow shoulder width.


The GH3 hoist has been designed to be used with a wide range of accessories including standing slings, pediatric slings and many more items. Further options include scales and care Lift Management modules, making the GH3 a hoist that can be used for much more than just hoisting and transfers.

Award-winning design

The Red-Dot prize was awarded with the following observations from the panel of judges:

“With the GH3, the developers manage to create a ceiling hoist system that would blend harmoniously into the surrounding architecture and not look like a technical device. The GH3 is therefore characterised by a simple, elegant design that communicates high value and functionality. Developed for versatile application and different work processes, it can be used in all lifting and transfer situations and includes features such as automatically recharging batteries, low rolling resistance and intuitive hand controls.”

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