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    Changing Places – The benefits for families

    23rd February 2019

    Changing Places benefits for disabled persons and their families

    Changing Places offer many benefits for disabled people and their families. While having access to a Changing Places toilet is great for people with disabilities, what may not have been considered is the benefits for entire families.

    Parents of children with profound disabilities often find that their families can suffer or feel like they are missing out on activities that other families participate in.

    For a lot of parents, having a severely disabled child means that they are not able to stay away from home for too long. The lack of access to changing places facilities often means that trips and days out are cut short or don’t happen at all because families can’t find appropriate places to take their loved one to the toilet or change them in a safe manner.

    In families with more than just one child, this can have a knock-on effect on the entire family. Days out to attractions sometimes may not be possible at all meaning the entire family miss out.

    Parents that do venture out for a full day may find themselves having to ‘make do’ with toilet provisions – using toilet floors, the back of the car or even public spaces for changing. This is unsafe, unhygienic and undignified for both the parent and child or loved one.

    Bearing in mind that the parent may have other children with them, a day out can become a logistical nightmare.
    The lack of facilities for families with more complex needs means that some feel excluded from attractions and public places. This can lead to separation in families who aren’t able to enjoy time together.

    In summary, access to a Changing Places facility means a huge amount, and has multiple benefits for both disabled people and their families. Consequently, there will be a real commercial impact for public venues that grasp the potential from the provision of such facilities.

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