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    Featured Product – Hoist Positioning Lock

    5th February 2019

    Physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment

    The Positioning lock adds yet another great option to the Guldmann ceiling hoist systems for moving, treating, mobilising and rehabilitating patients.

    The Positioning lock makes it possible to secure the lifting module and/or the traverse rail in a given position, creating numerous possibilities for the therapist.

    The Guldmann Positioning lock consists of three small locks: one for the ceiling hoist in the traverse rail and two for the parallel rails – i.e. one on each rail. A single version of the positioning lock is also available, comprising just one lock to secure the lifting motor in a single rail system.

    Activating the locks on the parallel rails makes it possible to lock the sideways movement of the traverse rail, resulting in the traverse rail functioning as a fixed single rail. The lifting module can still be moved forwards along the traverse rail, making it easier to use the system for gait training. If the lock linked to the lifting module is activated, the traverse rail can be moved without the lifting module shifting sideways. Activating all three locks secures the lifting module in a given position, enabling physiotherapy exercises to be carried out without moving bed or ward!

    Securing the lifting module in this way allows it to be used for the physiotherapy, rehabilitation and retraining of both non-ambulant and more mobile users.

    Accelerate recovery with the Ceiling Hoist Positioning Lock

    This one product, the ceiling hoist positioning lock, really is a game changer for any hospital, rehabilitation centre or care institution that is serious about rehabilitation!

    The unique system enables the hoist to be locked anywhere on the track. Once locked in position, the hoist can be used for a number of physiotherapy activities such as pelvic lifts, leg exercises or arm exercises.

    Advantages of using positioning locks

    By using the ceiling hoist positioning lock, patients are able to engage in physiotherapy on the bed, rather than in a gym.

    This offers several advantages:

    • Staff do not have to transport patients to the gym – saving valuable time that could be used for physiotherapy.
    • Staff can set up an exercise on the bed, and leave patients to carry it out, effectively increasing the amount of contact time with their patients.
    • Physiotherapist can train nurses to set up simple exercise regimes, freeing up valuable contact time for other patients.
    • Gym space is freed up for more complex or difficult physiotherapy exercises.

    Simple to use, fast to set up

    The positioning lock is extremely simple to use, and very quick to set up. Once the hoist is in the correct position, a button can be pressed and the hoist locks itself in position. No tools are required and the process only takes a few seconds. Once locked in position the hoist will not move.

    Reversing the process is just as simple, another button can be pressed and after a few seconds the hoist unlocks and can move freely along the track.

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