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    Ceiling hoists on your next project?

    11th October 2018

    How to make your client very very happy!…….

    Ceiling track hoists – If you have a hoist to be included on your next project you may not know where to start! Although they are becoming more popular, they are not used on every project, and often Contractors are unaware of potential pitfalls.

    We’ve identified three key areas where you can make a difference on your next project. Read on to find out about your clients biggest concerns and how you can help overcome them.

    1. Your client doesn’t want breakdowns!

    The GH3 employs a unique constant charge system. This protects the battery ensuring that the hoist is always ready for use – the result is less breakdowns and a happy customer.

    2. Your client doesn’t want to replace parts!

    Some hoists have to have the the lift tape replaced after 2 years. Not the GH3 hoist.  There is no limit to the lifespan of the lift tape, saving your customer unnecessary expense.

    3. Your client wants to save time!

    Many care installations¬† suffer a severe time lack!¬† The GH3 hoist employs a unique twin speed lifting that saves staff time when using the hoist Who couldn’t use more time? Your client will thank you for his one.

    Specify the GH3 on your next project.

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