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    Featured Product – Guldmann Class III Digital Scales

    9th October 2018

    Guldmann Class III integrated Digital Scales for ceiling hoists – making weighing simple

    We are pleased to announce that we can now offer Class 3 approved medical patient hoist scales built into the GH3+ ceiling hoist.

    Traditionally scales have been fitted as a additional unit between the spreader bar and lifting tape, which has resulted in a loss of lifting height. Old fashioned scales can also get lost or be mislaid, and furthermore is difficult to clean leading to cross infection concerns in hospitals.

    All of these concerns are alleviated with the new integrated patient hoist scales. The entire mechanism is contained with the body of the hoist, meaning there is no loss of lift height. An easy to read digital handset provides the reading making it easy for staff to read ad record. As there is no extra unit, everything is built into the hoist, there are no parts to get lost, also removing the need for additional cleaning at the same time.

    The new scales make work processes simple by making it easy to weigh the patient/user in conjunction with everyday care procedures. The scale complies with the requirements for medical weight Class III precision, in accordance with EU Directive 2014/31/EU.

    High Weight Capacity

    As the scale is built into the hoist, this also give the advantage of increasing the weight capacity of the scales. the new scales are available with the following lift capacities.

    • 200kg
    • 250kg
    • 275kg
    • 300kg
    • 350kg
    • 375kg
    • 400kg
    • 500kg


    Weigh with confidence

    Completely self adjusting, these digital scales combine the latest microprocessor technology available for measuring instruments and provides accurate repeated weight data with a calibrated accuracy of 0.1%. This means that you can lift and weigh in complete confidence, assured of the accuracy of the scales

    Patient Hoist Scales that are easy to use

    Automatic resetting of the scales with the help of a push button makes weighing patients fast and easy. Multicare offer a full training programme to ensure that your staff are fully confident in using the equipment.

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