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    10th May 2017

    Executive Summary

    Lindon Bennett, a large SEN school in Middlesex has refurbished both of its campuses to accommodate a growing student population. The refurbishment included the supply and installation of new patient handling equipment to support students and teachers whilst in learning and care environments. The complex layout consisted of two classrooms divided by a hygiene area. The brief was to install ceiling hoists in each classroom that could individually transfer students into their own cubicle within the shared hygiene area.

    About our client

    Lindon Bennett is a large SEN school in Middlesex with two campuses, catering for students with disabilities. Having previously worked with the school on a number of installation projects, we had a good understanding of how the school operates and the challenges they face.

    “With a history of working with SEN schools across the UK, we already had a good understanding of what Lindon Bennett needed and how best we could assist them. Our expertise meant that we were able to provide them with solutions that they would greatly benefit from in the long run.”


    The initial plan was to install a ceiling track hoist in each classroom, both linking to a single curved rail that would follow through into the shared hygiene area.This would provide quick and safe transfers for students with hygienic needs.

    Upon a site visit, we noticed that whilst this option may be the most cost effective, it wouldn’t be the most practical in a school environment. The single rails would only give restricted access once the student was in the hygiene room and wouldn’t provide the flexibility in use of the room which the school needed.

    The Solution

    After a client consultation, we decided that installing turntables in the hygiene room would provide superior access to the facilities. The outcome is that teachers and students no longer rely on one hoist per cubicle. They now have the option to move into either classroom, and more freedom and flexibility in the hygiene area.

    Turntables offer a great solution for schools as they allow more flexibility in confined spaces and the hoist can be moved into four different directions.

    We also installed two GH3 ceiling hoists onto both of the rail systems. The GH3 hoist is also perfect for a school environment as it employs a constant recharge system, eliminating the hassle of remembering to charge the hoist when it is not in use. The GH3 is always ready for use, no matter where it is on the track.

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