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Featured Product – Zurich double profiling bed

Zurich Double Profiling Bed

Double profiling beds are a common solution for those who need a nursing bed but do not wish to be split from their partner. With two mattress platforms acting independently, each user can control the action of the bed without affecting the other.

The Zurich bed is a modern, stylish and design-led bed. The timber surround hides all the metalwork and frame of the bed, creating a stylish and domestic feel to the bed. It is available in 12 finishes, therefore you can match the bed to your individual taste and decor.


Designed to impress, the Zurich has an enormous height range catering for a optimum transfer height and carer access. Together with back angle, knee raise and foot elevation this makes a highly adjustable bed.

Durable finish

Constructed from class-leading components and built to flawless standards, the Zurich is designed to endure the most intensive use and comes with an impressive 5 year guarantee on action and electrics.


The wood-swathed surround and durable metal frame are available in a selection of natural finishes to suit every taste. The Zurich is also available as a single bed in a variety of sizes.

  • 6 sizes (widths) single action bed, 900,1000,1100,1200,1400,1600 mm.
  • 3 sizes (widths) twin action bed, 1400,1600,1800 mm.
  • 12 wood finishes.

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