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Ceiling Hoist Fixing Solutions – Wall Fix

A wall mounted patient hoist system is a great option for mounting a ceiling hoist. Not only does it mean that you can fit ceiling hoists in rooms with no structural support in the ceiling, but also future maintenance and servicing is made simpler as all the fixings are at a lower level.

Wall type

In order for a suitable fix for a wall mounted patient hoist system, there must be sufficient structural strength in the wall for the Safe Working Load of the system, plus a 50% safety margin. Therefore if the ceiling hoist has a SWL of 200kg, the wall must take a 300kg loading. This can be achieved in a number of ways.

Block walls generally have sufficient inherent strength to accept the loads. If you have lightweight blocks, or hollow core blocks, please check with us prior to installation and we will be available to advise on suitability.

Brick walls again have sufficient inherent strength and are suitable for direct fixing.

Concrete walls are suitable, however, be aware of any integral reinforcing bars or wire that could affect the structural capabilities of the wall.

Stud walls can be strengthened with pattressing, by installing two 18mm thickness plywood pattresses between uprights. These should be full height, and boards should be overlapped if they are not full height.

If you are looking for a wall mounted patient hoist system in an XY or H frame layout, check out our wall rail system that can be mounted to a plasterboard stud wall, with no additional strengthening.


All images courtesy of V. Guldmann A/S.

Bracket details

Once the bracket is installed, it discreetly sits flush behind the track. The track can run at any angle from the bracket.

Benefits of using wall brackets include:

  • Fast installation
  • Reduced risk at installation – working at height risk is minimised
  • Reduced risk for future inspection of fixings, they are now at low level and below ceiling
  • Discreet appearance
  • Easy to remove

Some of the disadvantages of wall brackets are:

  • Can only be used with straight or room covering systems
  • Not all walls are suitable

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