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    Oxford Dipper pool-side hoist Important information

    Part Exchange your Oxford Dipper!

    The post below contains important information about the Oxford Dipper pool hoist, which now has a mandatory lifespan of 7 years imposed on it. We recognise that this is an unexpected and onerous cost for many of our clients, and are offering a part exchange on your old Dipper, when you purchase a new one.

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    Updated service life of the Oxford Dipper pool hoist from Joerns Healthcare:

    This post provides important updated advice concerning to the service life of the Oxford Dipper pool-side lift.

    Please ensure you read and understand the following information and preventative action in a concerted effort to minimise the possible risk of injury to both patients and carers alike.

    As a result of extensive confidence and product endurance testing along with associated market feedback, Joerns Healthcare has revised its Expected Service Life statement for the Oxford Dipper pool-side lift. The revised statement reads as follows:


    The Oxford Dipper lift is designed and tested for a minimum service life of five (5) years, subject to the use, maintenance and cleaning procedures stated in this manual.

    Due to the hostile environments this product operates in, the maximum service life is set at seven (7) years. Use beyond this period may compromise both client and carer safety.

    In order to ensure your Oxford Dipper remains in a safe and serviceable condition, it is imperative the daily checks, cleaning procedures and six monthly inspections, detailed in this manual are adhered to. This will ensure that any deterioration liable to compromise the safety of users is detected and remedied in good time.

    Use other than in accordance with these instructions may compromise service life. ____________________________________________________________

    Required & Preventative Action:

    Joerns Healthcare advises all authorised Oxford distributors to identify and contact facilities that have historically been supplied an Oxford Dipper pool-side hoist to advise them of the revised service life statement and related manufacturer guidance.

    Joerns Healthcare instructs that at the next scheduled six (6) monthly LOLER inspection, any units identified to be over the seven (7) year threshold should be decommissioned and replaced to ensure the on-going safety of users.

    Onset of issues can occur rapidly in units older than seven (7) years and may not be externally visible. Joerns Healthcare strongly recommends load testing for the Oxford Dipper is carried out at each and every six (6) monthly LOLER inspection due to the hostile environment in which it resides and operates. The humid and corrosive nature of pool-side locations can lead to product deficiencies that may otherwise remain undetected.

    Please be aware that the socket (A, B or C) in which the Dipper mast is located will not require replacement, thus there is no structural installation work necessary during renewal.

    Replacement parts for affected products are as follows:

    • Oxford® Dipper with Ranger Commode & Spreader Bar
    • Oxford® Dipper with Ranger Commode & Transporter

    What do you need to do next:

    Inform relevant staff of this safety-critical update and contact existing facilities to ensure any Oxford Dipper units older than seven (7) years are taken out of serviced and replaced.

    If you need help in sourcing a replacement Oxford Dipper, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist.
    See more information on the Oxford Dipper pool-side hoist here.

    Introducing A New Sling Tagging System

    We’re pleased to inform you that after reviewing our current sling tagging process, we have decided to implement a new sling tagging system.

    The new sling tagging process will ensure that your slings are safe to use and clearly state when their next LOLER inspection is due.

    Problems with existing solutions:

    • Lack of traceability.
    • Current tags can get in the way when using your sling.
    • Some providers handwrite the LOLER dates on the tag which looks unprofessional.
    • The tags are large and unpleasant to look at.
    • Not all providers tag their slings, making it harder for users to recognise if their sling has been LOLER tested.

    Our solution on the other hand:

    • Our new sling tag is smaller and discreet, making it more appealing to look upon.
    • The LOLER dates are instantly visible and the sling tag is wash resistant.
    • The new sling tag can be applied to any sling.
    • Our new design means that it will not be uncomfortable when using your sling.
    • The tag cannot be removed and put on a different sling.

    Read more on LOLER 1998 Regulations here.

    Please Contact Us for more details regarding our new sling tagging system.

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