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    The Safe Use of Bed Rails Checklist

    By following our Safe Use of Bed Rails Checklist, you can help to prevent a serious injury to your patients.

    Bed rails are extensively used in residential, care home and hospitals to prevent patients from rolling out of bed and sustaining an injury. When bed rails are used safely with the right type of bed in the right way, they can be very effective. However, the incorrect use of the bed rails has unfortunately resulted in serious injuries including death. This can be caused by asphyxiation after entrapment of the head, neck and chest.

    When using bed rails, it is extremely important that you ensure that they are safe and secure for the patient using them. Use our checklist as guidance to ensure your patient’s safety and comfort.

    safe use of bed rails checklist

    The Safe Use Of Bed Rails Checklist:

    1.  Only provide bed rails if they are used as the correct and safe solution to prevent falls.

    2.  Ensure that a Risk Assessment is carried our for your patient, along with all the equipment they will be using.

    3.  All staff and carers must be trained in the safe use of bed rails and the risks involved.

    4.  The bed rail must be suitable for the bed and mattress by thoroughly reading the manufactures instructions manual.

    5.  The mattress must fit snugly between the bed rails.

    6.  The bed rails must be fitted correctly and securely.

    7.  Ensure the bed rails are regularly inspected and maintained.

    8.  Ensure that all gaps are either completely removed or fall within the guidelines.

    Most adjustable or profiling bed manufacturers will supply their own bed rails. It is preferred that patients use these compared to other systems, as they are designed to fit with that particular style of bed. If you are using third party bed rails, thoroughly read the instructions for more information on the selection of mattress, dimensions and features.

    You can download The Safe Use of Bed Rails Checklist here.

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    For more information regarding the safe use of bed rails, view the latest publication from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) here.

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