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    Choosing the right Assisted Bath

    Bathing is an important part of your patients care routine, so choosing the right assisted bath for your patients needs is essential.

    Bathing has many beneficial factors. Not only does it ensure your patients’ hygiene, bathing also offers therapeutic remedies for certain skin conditions, such as pain in joints and muscles, calms emotional stress and much more.

    Read our 5 hints & tips for choosing the right assisted bath for your patient:

    1. Integral Seat

    • Does your patient require extra assistance when getting themselves in and out of the bath? Perhaps you should consider a bath with an integral seat, such as the Lucerne bath.

    2. Temperature

    • How do you test the temperature of the water? TMV3 taps ensure the water is safe for use and will not scaled or burn. A floating thermometer is also handy to keep! For the HSE guide on ‘Managing Hot Water Risks’, click here.

    3. Support In The Bath

    • Observe how the patient is to be supported in the bath. Are they  able to slip? Consider a seat with a lap belt for additional support. Alternatively, there are inflatable cushions available, or consider mounting a ceiling hoist to support the patient in a sling.

    4. Hoist & Sling

    • Does your patient require hoisting in and out of the bath? A mesh material for the sling is suitable and extra padding if required.
    • Explore our range of slings here.
    • View our floor mounted bath hoist here.

    5. Servicing

    • Ensure the bath is regularly serviced. An annual service is required under the PUWER regulations.If your bath has a lifting function, it may require a LOLER inspection too. Click here to find out more about our service and maintenance contracts.

    Explore our wide range of bathing equipment and accessories here. If you have any questions or queries about our products, get in touch.

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