Slingdicator Sling Tag (Pack of 10 sets)

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Ensure carers always use the correct sling loops with the unique Slingdicator® sling tags. They are available in a range of colours to suit every sling permutation and are compatible with most loop slings.

Pack consists of 10 sets – 20 tags in total.

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Promote safer hoisting with Slingidicators®. These unique sling tags are attached to sling loops informing carers which loop to use when hoisting. They are soft to prevent any skin damage when applying the sling, washable for longevity and brightly coloured so they can’t be missed.

Slingdicators® do not fix through the sling loop, so do not affect the integrity of the sling. Once attached they cannot be removed unless they are cut off, ensuring that unqualified staff cannot move them from sling to sling.

Slingdicators® are sold in sets of 2 – each set consist of 1 leg tag and 1 shoulder tag. They can be purchased in packs of 2, 10, 20 or 50 sets. For orders of over 50 sets, please contact us for special pricing.

This product is for a pack of 50 Slingdicator® sets. Each set consists of 1 shoulder tag, and 1 leg tag, so there are 1000 tags in total in this order of 50 sets. For the legs and the shoulders you can order different colour tags – please indicate the quantities of the various colour combinations you require in the box.

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