Stature Vertical Lift Hoist

The Stature hoist lifts extremely high, whilst also lifting from the floor, with powered leg opening, aluminium construction it is one of the most versatile hoists available today.

Lead time on the Stature is approximately 2 weeks.

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An outstanding all-round performer with an impressive lift height.

The Stature vertical lift hoist, our flagship product, recognises the true needs of the modern care environment. With a massive safe working load of 227kgs / 35st and one of the largest lifting ranges available, the Stature is able to cope with even the most demanding and technical of patient handling situations. The aluminium construction, and vertical tape lift combine to make the Stature one of the most effective hoists available today.

Outstanding lift range

The Stature’s incredible lifting range of up to 1975mm (6 point spreader bar) enables it to cope easily with the most critical of daily tasks.

Powered leg opening

Opening and closing of the legs is fully automated and leaves the carer free to focus on the requirements of the patient.

Interchangeable spreader bar

The Stature gives you the option to choose whichever either a 4 pint ‘wishbone’ cradle or 6 point , whichever spreader bar best suits the needs of the care environment and patient alike.

Integral counter

The Stature has an in built service counter on the motor for accurate usage records and increased safety.

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