Freestanding 2 Post Gantry Track System

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Assembled in minutes, these freestanding gantry track systems offer flexibility and ease of use. With a maximum capacity of 250kg they are ideal for short term or emergency use.


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This freestanding gantry track system offers a high degree of flexibility and is ideal for short term or emergency hoisting requirements. Operators assemble it at chest height, which reduces manual handling risks, before raising the system up to its full height of 2.8 metres.The height can be set according to the building requirements meaning low ceilings do not cause any issues.

The gantry is completely free standing and requires no structural support from the ceiling or walls. Two large feet are provided for stability, and the whole system is constructed from lightweight aluminium, making it very easy to transport and assemble.

Choice Of Hoist Units

The freestanding gantry track system is typically fitted with the GH1 hoist which provides a safe and reliable hoist for the track. The GH1 can have a SWL of either 175kg (27.5 stone), 200kg (31.5 stone), or 250kg (39.5 stone). This makes it ideal for the heavier user, and for use in situations where a mobile hoist is too heavy to push.

The GH1 is a battery powered hoist that charges via a plug in handset. No permanent electrical supply is required; ideal for easy installation and removal.

The GH1 is fitted with a loop style spreader bar as standard. Subject to risk assesment, this spreader bar is compatible with most loop style slings. There are three sizes of spreader bar available: Extra Small, Small and Medium. The two smaller versions make the hoisting of children very safe and secure.

Adjustable Track Length

The track length has a maximum length of 3.8 metres in the two post version. The track length is determined on site meaning the track does not have to be cut to fit specific rooms.

Track length options are as follows

2220mm – 3390mm
2720mm – 3890mm
3220mm – 4390mm
Freestanding Gantry Track System Options
The freestanding gantry track system is also available as a four post version, in a room covering configuration. Click here or details.

Ordering is simple, simply determine which length combination you require and select this option. Please note you will also require a GH1 hoist unit and lifting hanger.

This product is eligible for VAT relief.

Additional information

Hoist Span

Long 3.2m – 4.3m, Medium 2.7m – 3.8m, Short 2.2m – 3.3m