AX ULTRA COVID 19 Killer Disinfectant Spray

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A virucidal/bactericidal disinfectant that is effective against all enveloped viruses (including Coronavirus, Influenza virus, HIV)

Kills 99.999% of bacteria – passes EN 1276

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The guaranteed COVID-19 Killer

A proven virucidal/bactericidal disinfectant which is safe to use on all touch surfaces that are washable. Suitable for use in food preparation areas. Use daily to maintain clean and hygienic conditions. Virucidal activity against all enveloped viruses including Coronavirus, Influenza virus and HIV.

Ideal for disinfecting all water resistant surfaces, such as; glass, aluminium, stainless steel, rubber, ceramic, plastic and tiled surfaces.

General areas: Door handles, finger plates, communal equipment, tables, chairs, etc.

Care homes: All touch surfaces that are washable.

Kitchens: Work surfaces, fridges, chillers, microwaves, shelves, draining boards, sinks, etc.

Food Industry: Conveyors, preparation surfaces, trolleys, shelves, equipment, etc.

Bars/restaurants: Tables, counters, bars, etc.

This product is sold in cases of 6 x 750ml trigger spray, or 5 litre refill. Due to the global shortage of plastic containers, we recommend re – using the trigger sprays and refilling from the 5 litre container.

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2 x 5l refills, 6 x 750ml trigger