Geneva Height Adjustable Bath

Affordable height adjustable bathing comes as standard with the Geneva. Simple, reliable and cost effective, the Geneva is available within 4 weeks from receipt of order.

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Geneva – A cost effective height adjustable bath

The Geneva bath offers a cost effective, height adjustable bathing solution enabling carers of all sizes to safely care for patients. It is adjustable between 61 and 91 cm via a wired hand control, it is available in three lengths – 1600mm, 1700mm or 1800mm, making it perfect for smaller bathrooms.

The Geneva has a SWL of 250kg including patient and water. Water depth is 40cm deep for a comfortable bathing experience.

For easier changing and drying of patients the Geneva can be fitted with a hinged shower tray that enables water to drain through into the bathtub whilst showering or drying. For extra security, the shower tray can also be fitted with a hinged safety side rail.

The shower tray can be fitted to either side of the bath depending on installation location.

Geneva Height Adjustable bath sizes

1600mm – 700mm

1700mm x 750mm

1800mm x 850mm


Lead time ion the Geneva bath is approximately 4 weeks


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