Pressalit Wall Track

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Pressalit Wall Rails offer unrivalled flexibility and style for disabled washrooms. Contact us for help with design, including BIM and layout drawings.

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Adaptable wall track for ultimate flexibility and functionality

The Pressalit wall track represents the pinnacle of design and functionality for disabled facilities. It is mounted to the wall using strong fixing bolts, and accessories can then be hung off the track. The design of the wall track means that accessories can be moved from along the track providing immediate access for disabled users.

Pressalit Wall Track – available in two colours

The Pressalit wall track is available in two colours. The track itself is always finished in anodised aluminium, whilst the front cover can be specified in either Light Grey or Anthracite.

Accessories for the wall track

Accessories for the Pressalit wall track include the following;

Drop down support arms (Fixed height)

Drop down support arms provide a strong and safe surface for users to push against when standing from either a shower chair or toilet.

Drop down support arms (Adjustable height)

Adjustable height drop down support arms provide the same function as the fixed height version, but with the added flexibility of height adjustment.

Adjustable height basin bracket (Coming soon)

Easily attached and moved, adjustable height basins add an extra dimension to the track, easily moving to the position required. Available with either gas strut or electric height adjustment.

Shower Seats (Coming soon)

A complete range of shower seats that are height adjustable via either gas strut or electric. Wide range of choices of size, configuration and colours.

Shelves and soap dishes (Coming soon)

The finishing touch – a range of flexible shelves and towel holders for the ultimate in luxury and usability.

What you need to know

To work safely and effectively, the Pressalit wall track has to be mounted to a secure wall. Due to the forces applied to it, especially for shower seats and drop down rails, it is imperative that the wall has sufficient strength to rake the imposed loads.

Ideally a brisk or concrete block wall is the best option. This enables the track to be mounted using suitable anchors and the dense brick/block is a secure surface. Light weight blocks are sometimes suitable, but may require fixings through the wall to the other side of the wall for added security.

If you are mounting to a timber or stud wall, please contact us. This can be done, but requires strengthening and stud work in defined areas. We can provide drawings and technical assistance to ensure that you strengthen the wall correctly in the right places.

We would recommend the use of the Pressalit fixings, these are available in the drop down above, and are suitable for most surfaces.

Additionally you will require a pack of end stops for each length of rail – this prevents items coming off the end, and the water seal pack prevents water getting behind the rail.

The rails are available in 7 lengths – 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm. They can be cut to length using a good quality cut off saw with an aluminium blade in. If you know the exact dimension you require, we can cut to length prior to delivery.

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1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm, 3300mm, 3600mm, 600mm, 900mm


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