guldmann active trainer sling

Guldmann Active Trainer Sling

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Highly supportive and adjustable walking harness – designed for gait training. Adaptable leg supports supplied as standard.



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Product Description

Guldmann Active Trainer Sling

The Guldmann Active Trainer (gait trainer) is a walking sling for people with sufficient leg strength to stand upright, but who have difficulty balancing. The Active Trainer is a sling to help maintain standing and provide support whilst walking.

The sling supports the chest and the upper section of the back, while the straps provide support around the hips and eliminate the risk of the user “sliding out”. This walking sling is ideal for the early mobilisation of patients and provides confidence and safety for both user and carer in balance training situations: sitting on the edge of the bed, standing up or actually walking.

The Guldmann Active Trainer is available in several sizes and is made from polyester material.

Lifting capacity of up to 255 kg

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Additional Information

Active Trainer Size

Active Trainer Extra Small (283031), Active Trainer Small (283041), Active Trainer Medium (283051), Active Trainer Large (283061), Active Trainer Extra Large (283071), Active Trainer Extra Extra Large (283081)