AquaClean 8000 plus Shower Toilet

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Perfect for those who want to maintain dignity and independence in the bathroom. At the touch of a buttontThe AquaClean 8000 plus will wash, clean and dry you after using the toilet. Compatible with a wide range of shower chairs and bathing equipment, it is the ultimate solution for indeoendence in the bathroom.

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Product Description

AquaClean 8000 plus care toilet – Perfect for those who want to maintain dignity and independence in the bathroom

The Geberit AquaClean 8000 plus care toilet combines all the features of a conventional WC and bidet, with the comfort of warm-air drying. A simple to use shower, drying and air purifying operation makes for a cleaner and more hygienic experience that is virtually hands-free. Fresh heated water cleaning at body temperature allows for a much more pleasant and comfortable sensation, yet the manual feature enables conventional use if the bathroom is used by multiple persons.

Geberit Aquaclean 8000 plus care – features and benefits

  • Height Adjustable –  Users can select the height they need at time of installation making transfers from wheelchairs and other equipment simple and easy
  • Adjustable spray settings – Using the remote control, spray settings can be personalised to your needs. Water temperature, spray pattern and intensity can all be changed without the need to call an engineer.
  • Integral lady wash – Gentle personal hygiene for women.
  • Touch free operation – The Geberit Aquacean 8000 plus care can be activated either by the button on the side, the remote control (sometimes by a carer who may be outside the room), or by the infrared control.
  • Odour extraction – As part of the wash cycle, an odour extraction with charcoal filter works to remove unwanted odours from the room.

Click here to download the Geberit Aquaclean 8000 plus care toilet installation manual.

Click here to download the Geberit Aquaclean 8000 plus care toilet user manual.

Aquaclean from Multicare

Personal settings

The shower can be adjusted in temperature, position, water pressure and can undertake the following functions; Oscillating shower, Massage shower and Lady shower. Shower and dryer settings can be programmed to go through the optimum cycle for the individual at the press of a button.

Aquaclean from Multicare

Perfect cleanliness

The shower-nozzle is automatically rinsed with fresh water and JETCLEAN nozzle-cleaner before and after each use. In addition, the special ceramic surface has dirt-repellent properties meaning it is particularly easy to clean.

Aquaclean from Multicare

Simple operation

The AquaClean 8000plus is easy to use, either via the clearly designed controls on the side of the WC or the handy remote control unit. With the infra-red remote, using the AquaClean 8000plus Care can be completely hands-free. A sensor simply detects movement and automatically starts the washing and drying sequence.