Pressali wash basin

Matrix Ergonomic Basin

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The Matrix range of basins are high quality ceramic wash basins, specifically designed to aid persons in a wheelchair.

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Product Description

Ergonomic wash basin designed for the less able user

The Pressalit wash basin called the ‘Matrix Ergonomic’ is specifically designed for the less able user. It features an inward curving front lip that allows wheelchair users to access the full depth of the basin. For longevity it is built to the highest standards from finest quality bone china. It has a glazed finish to protect against damage and scratches.

Powered Action

The Matrix perfectly complements the Select powered wash basin lifter. Combined, they create the ultimate accessible basin, suitable for both wheelchair and non-wheelchair users alike.

Choice of accessible basin designs

The Matrix is available in a number of different configurations. There is the Matrix New Curve basin, which features a more rounded design and updated lines. There is the Matrix Small basin – a modern square design with integral towel holders or handgrips. This square design is also carried over into the Matrix Large design, which again features a contemporary design with integral towel holders.

Height adjustable Pressalit wash basin – Why buy?

Height adjustable wash hand basins (also known as a rise and fall wash hand basin) are specifically designed to meet the needs of wheelchair users. A height adjustment feature means that in multi use environments both wheelchair and non wheelchair users will confidently use the facilities. Other users with disabilities can also use them, once they have adjusted the height to meet their needs.

Provision of this type of equipment improves access to facilities provided by organisations. This helps them to comply with their duties under the Disability Discrimination Act. They are also ideal for Changing Places rooms.

The Pressalit wash basin represents the ultimate in quality and style. It is specifically designed to work with the Select wash basin bracket, and combined they are an essential aid to any disabled bathroom.

Additional Information

Matrix Basin Options

Matrix Small washbasin with overflow, Matrix Small washbasin without overflow, Matrix New Curve washbasin with overflow, Matrix New Curve washbasin without overflow, MATRIX Large washbasin with overflow, MATRIX Large washbasin without overflow