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Elluna Transport Aid

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The Elluna Transport aid will increase client independence and reduce carer strain and injury. It is simple and easy to use and makes transfers much quicker.

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Product Description

Elluna Transfer Aid – An easy to operate transfer device that will reduce carer strain

The Elluna is a compact patient transfer aid used to transport patients over short distances. For clients able to stand for short periods of time this will increase client independence and reduce carer strain and injury. With two padded support seats that fold out of the way when not needed, and a safety belt for additional security, it is very safe, yet very simple.

The Elluna has a cut out base to enable access around toilets, and the low profile castors glide easily on any surface. All surfaces on the Elluna are easy to clean, whilst the padded seats and knee brace are very comfortable.

Why the Elluna Patient Transfer Aid?

• Quicker transfers; less effort from patient and carers
• Easy to move; better for your back
• Comfortable; easier for the client
• Efficient; can be used instead of a stand-turn aid and a wheelchair
• Fully wipeable; great for infection control
• Simple to use; makes transfers very straightforward

Single Handed Care

The Elluna is a fantsatic aid to Single Handed Care. A carer can lock the brakes in position whilst aiding the user to stand. Once they are safely standing the seat flaps can be lowered – requiring access from one side only. Once the safety belt has been secured the Elluna patient transfer aid can be wheeled to the bathroom and the user assisted to sit on the toilet.

Using the Elluna in this way removes the need for a standing aid and a wheelchair as both are combined in the Elluna. This emans that the carer can simply wheel the Elluna to a bathroom and not have to transport additionla pieces of equipment.

Elluna Patient Transport Aid Multicare Compact


The compact dimensions of the Elluna make it ideal for the homecare environment.

Elluna Patient Transport Aid Multicare Simple


The seat supports on the Elluna simply fold out of the way with a unique arcing action, no clips, latches or fabric. Simple yet failsafe!

Elluna Patient Transport Aid Multicare Maneuverable


The high quality castors and the cutout at the front enable easy movement of the Elluna, and access to toilets.

Elluna Patient Transport Aid Multicare Accessible


With its strong footplate, ergonomically positioned handrails, and safety belt the Elluna will aid independent transfers, and reduce carer strain.











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