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Easytrack Gantry Hoist Systems

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Product Description

Easytrack Gantry Hoist System – A temporary track for any situation

The Oxford Easytrack gantry hoist, along with the Voyager Portable Hoist unit system combine to form a truly portable overhead lifting solution for the home, care home and hospital. A removable battery means no permanent electrical connection is required, and the high lift capacity of 200kg, means the Voyager Portable is capable of meeting the toughest requirements.

The Easytrack gantry hoist is avalable in two formats; the standard Easytrack has two postst and fits between the floor and the ceiling. This means that it has a very small footprint, only very smal feet are required. Nonetheless it still has an impressive SWL of 200kg. However it can only be fitted in rooms with a ceiling height between 2.1 and 27 metres.

The Easytrack FS is completely freestanding and requires no connection to the ceiling. It relies on large feet for stability, but still enjopys the same SWL of 200kg (31..5 stone).

Both systems benefit from an telescopic support rail meaning that the system can be extended from 19 – 3.16 metres at timeof installation. Not tools are required for installation or dimantling – the Easytrack can be put up and removed within minutes.

The Easytrack system combines with the Voyager Portable hoist, to form a truly unique portable system. The Voyager Portable hoist can be attached and detached without tools, and features a removable battery meaning no elerics are required at time of installation.



Easytrack gantry hoist

The Easytrack gantry system requires minimal space, simply fitting between the floor and the ceiling. Installed in minutes, it is the ultimate in speed and simplicity with a track that extends up to 3 metres.


Easytrack freestanding gantry

For situations where a totally freestanding situation is required, the Easytrack FS is the perfect solution. Taking all support from the floor, it still has an impressive SWL of 200kg (31.5 stone).



Both systems dissemble into lightweight parts that are easy to move with dedicated transport bags available.