Barella Extra Shower Trolley
Barella2 Heavy Duty Shower Trolley from Multicare Coventry

Barella2 Heavy Duty Shower Trolley

£4,900.00 ex VAT

Packed with all the features of the Barella2 Extra but with a higher SWL and central locking castors.

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Product Description

Barella2 Extra Shower Trolley – Heavy-duty, Powerful, Easy to clean

The Barella2 Heavy Duty shower trolley can be used for both transport and showering and has an increased SWL (Safe Working Load) of 225kg. This is an electrically operated version with a rechargeable battery and can be height adjusted and put into the Trendelenburg position (12°) by a hand control.

The whole frame has a special anti-corrosion treatment, the mattress base is plastic ABS; side rails, fasteners are stainless steel and the washable casters have inner guards.

You can specify the Barella2 to meet your exact needs with the following options

  • Increase platform width to 80cm
  • Add folding head and foot ends
  • Add a wedge pillow
  • Add a semi-cylindrical pillow

Barella Extra Sub 1

Central locking castors

As well as integral buffer wheels and locking and steer-straight castors, the Barella² Extra has central locking castors to make moving as safe and effortless as possible.

Barella Extra Sub 2

Full length safety rails

Safety side rails are provided with a locking device and can be easily folded down with one hand when moving patients from bed to stretcher. The head rail can also be dropped to be used by patients taller than 188cm. Width can be effortlessly reduced by attendants when transporting through doorways by folding down the side rails.

Barella Extra Sub 3

Battery powered

With an increased weight capacity, the comes as battery powered as standard to minimise risk of injury and enhance ease of use.









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