Patient Handling Accessories is a wide range of useful smaller aids to promote safe patient handling. Take a look through our wide range of small items that make a big difference!

SLIDE SHEETS  Used in many applications, from turning a patient through to putting a sling on, slide sheets are a cost effective way to reduce risk to your carers. Our affordable range includes a variety of sizes, all colour coded to help staff choose the right one.

HANDLING BELTS – Handling Balts Often used in combination with other transfer accessories and allow caregivers to ‘grab’ the belt rather than clothing, arms or body of a patient in the event of a fall and gently lower to the ground in a controlled way. they also provide support when walking.

TRANSFER AIDS –  Used to assist with standing and transferring patients, transfer aids can dramatically reduce risk whilst increasing confidence.

TRANSFER BOARDS – Offer a safe and controlled means of transfer for more independent users.

TURNING DISCS –  Help to turn standing patients who have difficulty with foot movement. Soft or hard versions available.

SLINGS –  We have a wide range of slings available for every situation from toileting through to insitu full body slings.

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