Pressure relieving cushions from Multicare Medical in Coventry. Pressure relieving cushions can be used on a wheelchair or lounge chair to relieves pressure for elderly or immobile patients. Foam cushions are usually used for persons at low to medium risk whilst an air cushion is used for someone that high or very high risk.

A pressure relieving cushion should always be used with advice from a registered nurse or tissue viability assessor. pressure sores are incredibly painful and difficult to heal so prevention is always better than cure.

Key points to consider when choosing a pressure relieving cushion are

  • The weight of the person using it
  • The level of risk they have been assessed
  • Are they continent
  • Is the cushion being used in a wheelchair or day chair?
  • How long will the user be sitting on the cushion?
  • Is there a power source close to the area where the cushion is being used?

If you have any doubts about buying a pressure relieving cushion, please call us on 0800 298 6000, we will be delighted to assist you in making the correct choice.

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