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    5 Considerations when installing a new ceiling hoist on an existing track

    Upgrading hoists can be an expensive business. However there is another option – what if the hoist unit itself could be upgraded, and the track left in place? Well the good news is that this can be done. Here’s 5 considerations if you’re fitting new hoists to old track.

    1. Check Compatibility of hoist and rail. In order for the hoist to run on the old rail, the new hoist trolley must be compatible with the existing rails. This should b. checked and confirmed that the trolley not only fits in the rail, but that the trolley moves freely around track curves, through gate systems and through switch tracks and turntables if fitted.
    2. Safe Working Load. It is important that the hoist has the same Safe Working Load as the rail. The rail system has been designed to take a specific loading, and it is important that eth hoist does not exceed that loading, and put the users at risk.
    3. Charging. Check how the new hoist will charge, as if the old rail system has an in track charging system, the new hoist may not be compatible. A modern hoist such as the GH1 has a handset charge system meaning that it can be fitted to any type of pre-existing rail system.
    4. Spreader Bar. Ensure that if there are any specific requirements on yor existing spreader bars, these can be also supplied on the new hoist. A hoist such as teh Gh1 will have a range of spreader bars to meet differing requirements.
    5. Training. If your hosts are being upgraded, consider whether a training session may be required to familiarise staff with the features of teh new hoists. Multicare offer a range of training sessions including on line refreshers, face to face and complete manual Handling Training.

    Upgrading your hoists by fitting a new hoist on an existing track track offers many benefits at a reduced cost when compared to replacing the whole system.

    • Increased lift height – Modern hoists are far more compact than previous generations, so it is highly likely that you will gain significant lift height making transfers safer and easier.
    • Faster lifting. The GH1 offers an improved hoisting speed so your staff will save time all day every day when hoisting.
    • Improved reliability. A new GH1 will offer vastly improved reliability over your existing hoist. Furthermore you can opt for 3 or 5 year extended warranties, giving you total peace of mind.

    Interested in upgrading your hoists systems? Call us today on 024 7647 2600 or fill in the form below.

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    Hygiene room – The essential guide

    Hygiene Rooms – an essential part of school provision (Part 1)

    Hygiene rooms are an essential part of disability provision in mainstream and SEN schools. Unfortunately they are the Cinderella of schools, unloved, left out and only thought about at the last minute! The result often is a room that is impractical for the pupils it is supposed to serve. We’ve seen a few hygiene rooms in our time, and we wanted to share what works and what doesn’t, so you can get it right.Read on for our essential guide on how to get your new hygiene room right.

    Make it big!

    When your hygiene room is full of a wheelchair, student and maybe two carers plus other equipment, space is often at a premium, so make it as large as you can. We recommen 3 metres by 4 metres, if you can make it bigger than that that is even better.

    Get the right equipment

    Think about the needs your student will have, and what needs may come up in the future. Questions you may want to ask are

    Hoists – Will the student need hoisting? If so a ceiling may only need one carer to operate, reducing staff time and restoring student dignity.

    Showering – Will the student need showering? If so how often. How will they be changed? Is a wall mounted couch better, or will a shower trolley that can be accessed from both side meet their needs betters?

    Toilet – Many designers place the toilet in a typical disabled configuration, i.e. close to the wall in a corner but if you are hoisting this is awkward to access. Place your toilet centrally with plenty of room each side and if you are working with teenagers consider a toilet that washes and dries users – perfect for preserving dignity through those awkward teenage years.

    Location, Location, Location

    Think about where in the school your hygiene room is located, remember that time will be evry short during breaks for personal procedures, and you dopn’t want to spend 15 minutes three times a day walking from one end of teh school to another. Choose a central location that is accessible to all students, no matter what year or class they are in.

    Make it bright

    Make it cheerful, bright, warm and inviting – you want your students to feel safe and protected, they are being put into a vulnerable position and need to feel secure.

    Part 2 coming soon…

    Multicare – Hygiene Room fitout specialists

    Call us today or fill in the form below – we’re here to help and would love to assist with fitting out your next hygiene room. We can offer a full service from concept to completion, or work wit your contractors to supply the equipment. Whatever your needs we have the answer!

    Casa 180 Mobile Hoist -A new disabled hoist for sale

    Disabled hoist for sale from Multicare

    Multicare are pleased to announce the launch of a new disabled hoist for sale. the Casa 180 is an entry level hoist with advanced features that make it perfect for the demands of the care home environment.

    The Casa 180s a lightweight and versatile lifting hoist for use when transferring individuals. Use of the Casalift is facilitated considerably by its wide leg width adjustment, allowing easy manoeuvrability around furniture and other obstacles. The ultra-portable hoist can be dismantled for transportation, or for storage after use.


    Easy to move

    The Casa 180 offers you easy manoeuvrability and access due to it’s four high quality easy running castors and wide leg width adjustment. The lightweight frame is easy to move into position, allowing the user to achieve a lower lifting position from the floor whilst the wide leg adjustment means it can go around wheelchairs and shower chairs, ye it is compact enough for easy access through domestic doorways.

    Excellent lifting range

    The Casa 180 has a high lifting range and safe working load of 180kg (28 stone) for greater versatility and maximum flexibility, ensuring that you can lift even the largest person confidently. An ergonomic, user friendly handset features patient lifting symbols for easy identification, as well as recessed buttons to reduce the chance of unintended operation if the handset is dropped.To keep the working area neat and tidy the handset features a magnetic back, making it easy to secure to the hoist for added safety.

    High quality components

    the high quality Linak actuator features emergency lowering function, which is easier to control than a traditional quick release actuator and harder to misuse giving staff confidence. It also features an exchangeable cable which allows for cable damage to be rectified by replacing just the cable, rather than the whole actuator. Control box features emergency stop and lowering functions, as well as an acoustic low battery alarm which emits an alert at 50% battery level.

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    Ceiling Hoists – A bed blocking solution?

    Could the innovative use of ceiling hoists provide a bed blocking solution?

    A bed blocking solution – sometimes it seems like everybody is looking for it! But could the use of ceiling hoists combined with innovative technology provide part of the answer?

    Step forward the new positioning lock from V. Guldmann A/S. A small addition to a standard ceiling hoist system, it nevertheless provides a gamechanger in terms of rehabilitation.

    A recent study by the Guardian included that many nurses do not have enough time to care for their patients properly, another study by the Nursing Times suggested that staff spend up to an hour PER SHIFT  looking for equipment! Who suffers as a result – the patient.

    Benefits of early mobilisation

    Additionally there are many studies that confirm that early mobilisation offers a whole range of benefits to patients, including faster recovery rates.

    So part of the bed blocking solution is to mobilise patients faster, get them healed faster, get them home faster. But how are we to do this when staff are already overworked, and spending time looking for equipment?

    How ceiling hoists can help

    A ceiling hoist is a fixed piece of equipment, therefore staff do not have to look for it! this immediately saves them valuable time on every hoisting transfer. Furthermore a transfer using a ceiling hoist is proven to save a up to a minute per transfer. Multiply this by the two carers involved, that is two minutes, if a patient is being transferred from bed to chair and back three times a day, that is two minutes six times a day, 12 minutes, If there are 10 patients being hoisted, that is a total saving of 120 minutes per day – 2 HOURS!

    This is before we factor in the positioning lock. By locking the hoist in place over the bed we can set up simple physiotherapy exercises for our patients. Instead of a physiotherapist having to hoist a patient out of bed, take them to the gym, work with them, take them back and hoist them back into bed, many exercises can now be set up on the bed. The physiotherapist can work with other patients whilst this is being done.

    So now in addition to saving our nursing staff time, we are also saving our physiotherapists considerable amounts of time – a double bonus. Additionally due to the extra therapy, our patient will be ready for discharge earlier.

    The economic case

    An average bed costs the NHS £400 per day. Using the example of our 10 hoisted patients, if the average patient is in hospital for 8 weeks each bed sees 6.5 patients per year. If we can decrease each patients stay by just one day, in total we save 65 days for all the patients in one year! Multiply this by £400 per day and your total saving is £26,000. If you put in 10 ceiling hoists at £4,000 each, in 1.5 years you have paid for your equipment. And this is before we calculate the savings on staff time.

    The human case

    Apart from all the cold hard facts, surely if a person – a human being like you or me – has had a life changing injury or stroke or ABI they deserve the best chance to be rehabilitated as fast as possible, not left to languish due to lack of resources…

    For more details on how the new positioning lock could help you avoid bed blocking, contact us on 024 7647 2600 or sales@multicaremedical.co.uk.

    For more information on the positioning lock click here.

    Multicare Ebay Store

    Multicare Ebay Store

    This is our new Multicare Ebay store where you can find a range of our products at incredible prices. We are constantly updating our range with new and innovative products, leaving us with ex demonstration and old stock items that we need to clear. Check out the products below, and happy bidding!

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    Carers Week 2017

    From the 12 – 18th of June, we’ll be joining the thousands of individuals and organisations to celebrate Carers Week 2017.

    Carers Week is an annual campaign which raises awareness of caring. It highlights the challenges carers face and recognises the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.

    By coming together and organising events/activities, we are drawing attention to just how important caring is.

    Last year we started a Star Carer Competition in order to celebrate Carers Week. We asked members of the public and healthcare community to nominate a carer who is an inspiration to the carer community.

    So for carers week this year, we’ve decided to bring it back!

    Treat your star carer for Carers Week 2017!

    How can you get involved? It’s simple!

    Do you know a carer who goes above and beyond their normal duties to help others? Do you feel that your carer deserves to be recognised for their constant kindness towards others? Or perhaps you know a carer who is an asset to the healthcare community? Let us know why your carer is a star by filling out the short form below. Your carer will be automatically entered into our competition for a chance to win a luxury prize! The winner will be announced at the end of Carers Week, good luck!

    Changing Places

    We'd love to support you on your Changing Places journey! Whether you are just starting or already have advanced plans, we're here to support every step of the way. Complete the form below, and one of our team will be in touch to discuss how we can help.
    Please tell us about your installation! If you have any dates in mind for an assessment, please add them here.
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    For more information on Carers Week, click here.

    Join in the conversation on Twitter! Tweet us using the hashtag #CarersWeek

    Oxford Dipper pool-side hoist Important information

    Part Exchange your Oxford Dipper!

    The post below contains important information about the Oxford Dipper pool hoist, which now has a mandatory lifespan of 7 years imposed on it. We recognise that this is an unexpected and onerous cost for many of our clients, and are offering a part exchange on your old Dipper, when you purchase a new one.

    Oops! We could not locate your form.

    Updated service life of the Oxford Dipper pool hoist from Joerns Healthcare:

    This post provides important updated advice concerning to the service life of the Oxford Dipper pool-side lift.

    Please ensure you read and understand the following information and preventative action in a concerted effort to minimise the possible risk of injury to both patients and carers alike.

    As a result of extensive confidence and product endurance testing along with associated market feedback, Joerns Healthcare has revised its Expected Service Life statement for the Oxford Dipper pool-side lift. The revised statement reads as follows:


    The Oxford Dipper lift is designed and tested for a minimum service life of five (5) years, subject to the use, maintenance and cleaning procedures stated in this manual.

    Due to the hostile environments this product operates in, the maximum service life is set at seven (7) years. Use beyond this period may compromise both client and carer safety.

    In order to ensure your Oxford Dipper remains in a safe and serviceable condition, it is imperative the daily checks, cleaning procedures and six monthly inspections, detailed in this manual are adhered to. This will ensure that any deterioration liable to compromise the safety of users is detected and remedied in good time.

    Use other than in accordance with these instructions may compromise service life. ____________________________________________________________

    Required & Preventative Action:

    Joerns Healthcare advises all authorised Oxford distributors to identify and contact facilities that have historically been supplied an Oxford Dipper pool-side hoist to advise them of the revised service life statement and related manufacturer guidance.

    Joerns Healthcare instructs that at the next scheduled six (6) monthly LOLER inspection, any units identified to be over the seven (7) year threshold should be decommissioned and replaced to ensure the on-going safety of users.

    Onset of issues can occur rapidly in units older than seven (7) years and may not be externally visible. Joerns Healthcare strongly recommends load testing for the Oxford Dipper is carried out at each and every six (6) monthly LOLER inspection due to the hostile environment in which it resides and operates. The humid and corrosive nature of pool-side locations can lead to product deficiencies that may otherwise remain undetected.

    Please be aware that the socket (A, B or C) in which the Dipper mast is located will not require replacement, thus there is no structural installation work necessary during renewal.

    Replacement parts for affected products are as follows:

    • Oxford® Dipper with Ranger Commode & Spreader Bar
    • Oxford® Dipper with Ranger Commode & Transporter

    What do you need to do next:

    Inform relevant staff of this safety-critical update and contact existing facilities to ensure any Oxford Dipper units older than seven (7) years are taken out of serviced and replaced.

    If you need help in sourcing a replacement Oxford Dipper, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist.
    See more information on the Oxford Dipper pool-side hoist here.

    The proper use of extension straps – A step-by-step guide from Guldmann

    To ensure the proper use of extension straps from Guldmann, please read the step-by-step instructions below.

    To purchase the Guldmann extension straps click here.

    What are extension straps?

    Extension straps are used in situations to achieve various sitting positions or where different heights are required.

    21. Extensions Straps


    Follow these simple steps:

    Before you carry out a patient transfer, be careful when you are attaching the lifting sling’s straps on the hooks.

    Check that the straps have been correctly placed in the lifting hanger’s hooks.

    When pressing the ‘up’ button on the hand control to lift the patient, check again that all straps remain
    correctly placed in the lifting hanger’s hooks.

    extension straps

    Step 1:

    Put the extensions strap through the loop on the sling.

    extension straps

    Step 2:

    Fold the strap, as shown.

    extension straps

    Step 3:

    Tighten the extension strap around the loop of the sling.

    extension straps

    Step 4:

    When using the extension straps e.g. on the shoulder straps of the sling, the patient the sling will be more leant back and the angle in the hip will be more open.

    extension straps

    If you have any questions or queries regarding Guldmann extension straps, please feel free to contact us here.

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    We visit care and residential homes throughout the UK and we have the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful residents with amazing stories to tell from their past.

    So we thought, why don’t we collect these stories and use our website as a platform to showcase them to the community!

    We’re starting a new page on our website called #ResidentStories so we can collect and share your resident’s stories and make them come to life!

    Each month, we will be publishing a story on our website so you can share it with family and friends. As a thank you for sharing their story with us, the winning resident will also receive a special prize!

    Do you know a resident who…

    • Was in the war and had some amazing experiences
    • Met or worked for a celebrity
    • IS a celebrity!
    • Had a funny experience which has everyone laughing
    • Had a sad experience that we can all learn from
    • Invented a unique product or service
    • Witnessed or was a part of a special event
    • Was present at a historical occasion

    We want to share your #ResidentStories

    So this is where you come in. Do you know a resident or do you care for a resident with an interesting story to tell? Then let us know because we want to hear it!

    Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

    Ceiling Hoist Assessment Request

    To request a free, no obligation ceiling hoist assessment and site survey please complete this form. We will be in touch to arrange the date within 24 hours of receipt.
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    Get involved on Twitter! Tweet us your stories using the hashtag #ResidentStories

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