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    Casa 180 Mobile Hoist -A new disabled hoist for sale

    Disabled hoist for sale from Multicare

    Multicare are pleased to announce the launch of a new disabled hoist for sale. the Casa 180 is an entry level hoist with advanced features that make it perfect for the demands of the care home environment.

    The Casa 180s a lightweight and versatile lifting hoist for use when transferring individuals. Use of the Casalift is facilitated considerably by its wide leg width adjustment, allowing easy manoeuvrability around furniture and other obstacles. The ultra-portable hoist can be dismantled for transportation, or for storage after use.


    Easy to move

    The Casa 180 offers you easy manoeuvrability and access due to it’s four high quality easy running castors and wide leg width adjustment. The lightweight frame is easy to move into position, allowing the user to achieve a lower lifting position from the floor whilst the wide leg adjustment means it can go around wheelchairs and shower chairs, ye it is compact enough for easy access through domestic doorways.

    Excellent lifting range

    The Casa 180 has a high lifting range and safe working load of 180kg (28 stone) for greater versatility and maximum flexibility, ensuring that you can lift even the largest person confidently. An ergonomic, user friendly handset features patient lifting symbols for easy identification, as well as recessed buttons to reduce the chance of unintended operation if the handset is dropped.To keep the working area neat and tidy the handset features a magnetic back, making it easy to secure to the hoist for added safety.

    High quality components

    the high quality Linak actuator features emergency lowering function, which is easier to control than a traditional quick release actuator and harder to misuse giving staff confidence. It also features an exchangeable cable which allows for cable damage to be rectified by replacing just the cable, rather than the whole actuator. Control box features emergency stop and lowering functions, as well as an acoustic low battery alarm which emits an alert at 50% battery level.

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    Deluxe Leg In Situ Sling

    What is a Deluxe Leg In Situ sling?

    The Deluxe Leg In Situ sling (formerly called an all day sling) is a type of sling that can be left underneath a user for a limited amount of time. It is called an in situ slings as it can be left “In Situation” or underneath a user for a limited period of time.

    Why would I use a Deluxe Leg In Situ sling?

    The Deluxe Leg In Situ sling, is simply the most supportive and comfortable sling available on the market today. It is supplied with an integral head support to assist users when lifting from the bed,and the parasilk lined legs provide comfort and make it easy to apply.

    Other benefits of the Deluxe Leg In situ sling are;

    • Very supportive leg design gives users comfort and support whilst being hoisted
    • Soft binding prevents damage to the skin
    • Removable bones provide exceptional level of support to the head
    • Adjustable types on the head support offer fantastic support
    • Can be used for below knee amputees
    • Toileting aperture as standard
    • Optional adjustable waist and chest belts available
    • Optional hip types available for additional support
    • Compatible with most types of joist open (subject to documented risk assessment)

    How long can I leave an in situ sling underneath a user?

    As stated above, an in situ sling is not a substitute for quality nursing care, and the length of time you can leave a sling underneath a user depends on a number of factors. A documented risk assessment and care plan must always be carried out on an in situ sling prior to use, and the results of this will determine the amount of time a sling can be left underneath a user. Factors to consider may include.

    • Does the user have any skin integrity issues?
    • Are they liable to overheating?
    • How tight is the fit of the wheelchair?
    • How comfortable is the sling when in place/

    What sizes are available?

    The Deluxe Leg In situ sling is available in a wide range of sizes to suit most needs. They are very common in schools, where parents/carers can put the sling on in the morning, ready for care staff to hoist immediately at school. The following standard sizes are kept in stock.

    • Sizes XXXSmall – XSmall for Children – Up to 58 Kg
    • Sizes Small – Large for adults
    • XXLarg – XXLarge for larger adults – Up to 220 Kg
    • Custom made slings are also available for users with specific needs such as Scoliosis or Kyphosis

    What fabrics are available?

    In situ slings are available in a range of fabrics to suit users needs. The most common fabrics are listed below.

    • Superfine – a very fine mesh fabric with Coolmax to prevent overheating in the sling. Ideal for children and small adult, only available for weights up to 58kg.
    • Superfine Plus – A High performance mesh fabric offering superior comfort. The mesh is breathable, helping to combat overheating and compresses to provide high levels of comfort and support. The Safe Working Load is 220kg. SUITABLE FOR BATHING
    • Double Layer Superfine Coolmax – COOLMAX fabric is designed to move moisture away from the body and enhance fabric drying rate thus keeping users feeling cool and dry. A double layer gives a weight capacity of up to 220 kg SUITABLE FOR BATHING.
    • Parasilk – The original In situ fabric, parasilk has become less popular as it is extremely slippery, leading to repositioning issues, and it can also get very hot. It is now mainly used for moulded wheelchairs, where the user is fitted very tightly into the chair.

    Click here to buy the Deluxe leg in situ sling, fast delivery from stock!

    Hoist Training for Carers – How important is it?

    Hoist Training for Carers – why it is so important

    Hoist training for carers is one of the most important, yet one of the most overlooked, aspects of training in the caring sector today. Poor manual handling practice can lead to a range of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) including upper limb disorders, lower limb disorders and back pain. These can result in long term injury, maybe forcing carers off work on long time sick, and could potentially lead to legal action. According to the HSE there were 469,000 workers suffering from a work related MSD in 2017/18, with over 6.6 million working days lost due to MDS!. So what can you do as a responsible employer to prevent the cost, disruption and emotional toll from these injuries?

    Prevention is better than cure!

    It is an old saying, but in this case it is true. These types of MDS are not one of ‘freak’ injuries (although that could happen) Generally they are a build up from months or years of incorrect posture, over extension of muscles and limbs, and the result of poor practice. By instituting a programme of hoist training for carers, you have a golden opportunity to prevent these injuries , although this may cost more initially, in the long term it will save you time, money and aggravation.

    Hoist Training for carers – Contact us today on 024 7647 2600 to discuss your requirements

    Hoist Training for carers – what should be included

    Any good hoist training programme should include as a minimum the following

    • Legislation – An overview of current legislation and how it applies in the workplace
    • Risk Assessment/Care Plan – the importance of Risk Assessments and Care Plans, and how to write them and read them
    • Banned Lifts – Which lifts are banned and why. Carers may have fallen in to bad practice and not even be aware that lifts they are using are banned. It is important that these are identified and stopped.
    • Practical training – Often many carers have fallen into bad habits, and a practical session will reinforce the theoretical training and embed in into the carers consciousness. Beware of online courses that do not offer practical sessions.
    • Personalisation – It is important that any training is personalised to the exact challenges and problems that carers face day to day. Our trainers have a wealth of experience that they can bring to any situation to help solve the challenges you and your carers face.

    Fill in the form below to talk to us about our training options.

    ceiling mounted hoist ceiling mounted hoist

    Product Focus – Guldmann GH1 Ceiling Hoist

    Ceiling mounted hoist that is user friendly, powerful and fast

    The GH1 patient hoist has been designed to deal with day-to-day lifting needs typically encountered in care environments. It takes up little space, is easy to operate and helps make lifting and moving processes safe, simple and comfortable for user and care staff alike. All GH1 lifting modules are user-friendly, powerful and fast; they are designed for permanent/semi-permanent installation in ceiling- or wall-mounted rails. The unit is operated via a simple hand control unit, quickly and easily lifting users weighing up to 255 kg. The soft exterior conceals a hard heart. Lithium Ion batteries combined with a twin speed motor create a hard working, reliable hoist that will lift over and over again without letting you down. Without weight the GH1 lifts twice as fast, enabling carers to move the hoist from the working area quickly giving more time to focus on patient care.


    The GH1 hoist is an excellent option where there is a limited budget due to its accessible pricing. Designed and manufactured by world renowned Danish hoist manufacturer Guldmann, it represents excellent value for money, combining quality and affordability.

    Safety first

    The GH1 puts patient and carer safety first. With anti-twist strap device, emergency stop, emergency lower and anti-rewind strap device, the GH1 ensures that you are always lifting and lowering safely.

    Easy to charge

    A dedicated handset charging system makes the GH1 very easy to charge. After use, simply by plugging the handset into the holder, charging starts automatically. Not only does this ensure that hoist is ready for its next use – it also keeps the handset out of harms way.

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    Featured Product – Zurich double profiling bed

    Zurich Double Profiling Bed

    Double profiling beds are a common solution for those who need a nursing bed but do not wish to be split from their partner. With two mattress platforms acting independently, each user can control the action of the bed without affecting the other.

    The Zurich bed is a modern, stylish and design-led bed. The timber surround hides all the metalwork and frame of the bed, creating a stylish and domestic feel to the bed. It is available in 12 finishes, therefore you can match the bed to your individual taste and decor.


    Designed to impress, the Zurich has an enormous height range catering for a optimum transfer height and carer access. Together with back angle, knee raise and foot elevation this makes a highly adjustable bed.

    Durable finish

    Constructed from class-leading components and built to flawless standards, the Zurich is designed to endure the most intensive use and comes with an impressive 5 year guarantee on action and electrics.


    The wood-swathed surround and durable metal frame are available in a selection of natural finishes to suit every taste. The Zurich is also available as a single bed in a variety of sizes.

    • 6 sizes (widths) single action bed, 900,1000,1100,1200,1400,1600 mm.
    • 3 sizes (widths) twin action bed, 1400,1600,1800 mm.
    • 12 wood finishes.

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    Height Adjustable Sink

    Featured Product – Pressalit Height Adjustable Basin

    Pressalit Height Adjustable Basin

    Height adjustable wash hand basins (also known as a rise and fall wash hand basin) are specifically designed to meet the needs of wheelchair users. A height adjustment feature means that in multi use environments both wheelchair and non wheelchair users are able to confidently use the facilities.

    The Pressalit Select height adjustable basin is a stylish and contemporary powered wash basin that offers height adjustment via a simple lever providing great functionality.

    Powered Action

    The Select features a high quality motor which effortlessly lifts the basin from its lowest point of 670mm up to it’s highest point of 970mm, a total of 300mm. All the electrics are hidden behind the panel front of the Select giving a sleek sophisticated appearance. The front panel also hides all the plumbing, meaning that all services cannot be accessed by unauthorised users.

    Modern looks

    The Select height adjustable basin bracket looks simply stunning. It is finished in hard wearing contemporary materials that are easy to clean, and the front panel can be specified in either White, Grey or Lime Green.

    Ergonomic design

    The Select height adjustable sink unit is extremely easy to operate. The rise and fall height adjustment function is controlled by a lever at the end of an arm to the side of the basin. The arm can be specified as either right hand or left hand. Additionally the users can use the arm for support when standing.

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    Shower Trolley

    Featured Product – Multicare Electric Shower Trolley

    Multicare Electric Shower Trolley

    The Multicare electric shower trolley represents value for money, combining quality and reliability. Constructed from high grade steel, powder coated to guard against corrosion, it will offer trouble free service for many years. It is manufactured to a high specification, and has many additional features for added user safety. Other unique features include:

    Central Locking Castors

    As well as integral buffer wheels and locking and steer-straight castors, the Barella² Evolution has central locking castors to make moving as safe and effortless as possible.

    Full length Safety Rails

    Safety side rails are provided with a locking device and can be easily folded down with one hand when moving patients from bed to stretcher. The head rail can also be dropped to be used by patients taller than 188cm. Width can be effortlessly reduced by attendants when transporting through doorways by folding down the side rails.

    Adjustable head rest

    For maximum patient comfort, the Barella² Evolution comes with an adjustable head section as standard.

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    Patient Hoists

    Featured Product – Guldmann GH3 ceiling hoist

    Patient Hoists – GH3 hoist, designed for the toughest environments

    The GH3 ceiling hoist is a stationary lifting module that is user-friendly and powerful enough to handle lifting and moving procedures in almost all professional care settings. The lifting module is easy to operate and helps make lifting and moving procedures safe, simple and comfortable for user and care staff alike. 

    The GH3 module charges itself through the rails, irrespective of where in the system the lifting module is positioned. This ensures that the ceiling hoist is always ready to use.

    Multiple uses

    Combined with products from the comprehensive Guldmann range of lifting hangers and slings, the GH3 is the ideal choice for many different lifting and moving procedures, and can also be used to assist with other care tasks, mobilisation exercises, training and rehabilitation programmes.


    With the new lifetime battery warranty on the GH3 ceiling hoist you can have assurance and peace of mind when selecting this line of equipment.

    Reddot award-winning design

    The prize was awarded with the following observations from the panel of judges:

    “With the GH3, the developers manage to create a ceiling hoist system that would blend harmoniously into the surrounding architecture and not look like a technical device. The GH3 is therefore characterised by a simple, elegant design that communicates high value and functionality. Developed for versatile application and different work processes, it can be used in all lifting and transfer situations and includes features such as automatically recharging batteries, low rolling resistance and intuitive hand controls.”

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    Patient Hoisting

    Featured Product – Active Trainer Sling

    Early mobilisation and rehabilitation

    Early mobilisation and rehabilitation are defined as positioning/repositioning exercises and physical activity, and spending more time out of bed – walking around or simply standing up.

    A ceiling hoist also makes balance/gait training safer for both the patient and the care staff. Patients feel safe and secure in the walking sling and can start to move around without the risk of falling.

    Gait Training

    The Guldmann Active Trainer (gait trainer) is a walking sling for people with sufficient leg strength to stand upright, but who have difficulty balancing. The Active Trainer is a sling to help maintain standing and provide support whilst walking.

    The sling supports the chest and the upper section of the back, while the straps provide support around the hips and eliminate the risk of the user “sliding out”. This walking sling is ideal for the early mobilisation of patients and provides confidence and safety for both user and carer in balance training situations: sitting on the edge of the bed, standing up or actually walking.


    A ceiling hoist system with the appropriate sling can help promote the early mobilisation and training of hospitalised patients in a manner safe for both patient and staff.

    Sizing and capacity

    The Guldmann Active Trainer is available in several sizes and is made from polyester material.

    This sling has a lifting capacity of up to 255 kg.

    Need help to choose the correct sling – Contact us today

    Using the appropriate sling is essential for efficient transfers to ensure comfort, dignity, and safety for the user and the care provider. The type of lifting sling have a major influence on the quality of the movement of the individual user.

    Get help to choose the correct sling, contact us on 0800 298 6000 or email sales@multicaremedical.co.uk

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