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    Warwick Town Hall, Warwick

    The historic town of Warwick, benefits from a thriving tourist sector, due to the world famous castle on the banks of the river Avon. The County Council was keen to ensure that every visitor to Warwick could access changing facilities with safety and dignity so converted an existing room in Warwick town hall to a changing places room.

    Multicare were asked to provide a ceiling hoist system, wash dry toilet, height adjustable basin and height adjustable changing couch.

    Liaising with the local services provider, Multicare strengthened the wall to take the weight of the changing couch and provided new electrical and hot and cold water points for the additional equipment.

    Upon completion Multicare installed a radar told handle to ensure that only those with the appropriate key could access the room.

    The Pentagon Centre, Chatham

    The Pentagon centre approached Multicare when they were planning the installation of a changing places room in the place of a disused storage area and cleaner’s cupboard. By not installing Christmas lights one year in the centre they had saved enough money to install a changing places room, and they felt that this would benefit the shoppers significantly.

    After an initial visit Multicare established that although the room was small, it could be adapted to meet the changing places requirements. Multicare prepared space planning drawings and a full schedule of works including structural requirements for a new beam that had to be installed.

    Due to the location of the changing places room, at the entrance to the main toilets for the shopping centre, all the works had to be carried out at night. The fitters worked through the night for six weeks to provide this changing places room.

    The works were completed on schedule and on budget and shoppers in Chatham can now enjoy a changing places room.

    The Royal Festival Hall, London

    Multicare was approached by the Southbank Centre when they were considering installing a new changing places facility. An unloved male and female toilets were in need of some refurbishment, and being on the lower ground floor well ideally placed to provide level access for disabled users. 

    This project presented several unique challenges

    • Due to the nature of the building work had to be scheduled round performances to ensure that noise and vibration did not affect performances in the building.
    • A grade one listed building, the Southbank Centre has very strict rules stipulating that work must be carried out in a sensitive manner and Multicare had to work within these guidelines.
    • Due to its location in the centre of London materials logistics had to be carefully coordinated with other deliveries to the building

    Following a site visit Multicare drew up a detailed schedule of works and a specification of all materials to be used. The work included the demolition of a separating wall and a complete refurbishment of the new enlarged space to provide a compliant changing places room.

    Once the contract was agreed Multicare produced a detailed schedule of works with an accurate timeline. this gave the centre confidence that the work would not interfere with their programme. To facilitate this some work was scheduled for nights.

    The entire project was completed within a six-week time span unfinished on time and on budget despite some significant challenges. The Southbank Centre is a proud owner of a compliant changing places room which has proved a great success for their clientele.

    Changing Places - Changing Lives

    Changing Places, Changing Lives

    Changing Places, Changing Lives – Executive Summary

    Changing Places, Changing Lives – When London’s famous Southbank Centre decided to add a Changing Places facility to their listed Thameside arts centre, they utilised Multicare’s unique pool of expertise to translate their scheme into reality, and create a facility which enhanced the iconic structure. The finished scheme is a huge improvement for visitors with special needs, and our complete installation, service and maintenance package is a boon to the facilities manager. A true win-win situation!

    About our client

    At the heart of the Southbank Centre, located on the banks of the Thames, is the Royal Festival Hall, one of Londons leading music venues plus some of the best places to eat, drink and shop while you’re in the area. As well as a 2,500 capacity auditorium, the Royal Festival Hall is also where you’ll find The Clore Ballroom, The Poetry Library, Spirit Level, Southbank Centre Shop, Riverside Terrace Cafe, Central Bar and Skylon restaurant. Opened in 1951 as part of the Festival of Britain, the Grade I listed Hall is one of the world’s leading performance venues.


    Being a grade 1 listed building the Royal Festival Hall presented certain challenges for the installation of a changing places facility.   It was stipulated there should be no interruption to scheduled events at the hall and disturbance to visitors should be minimal. It was also necessary to create a safe and secure work area to protect staff, artists and the general public.

    The Solution

    Multicare Medical offered Southbank Centre a complete turn-key solution including the refurbishment and installation of all the necessary equipment to meet regulatory standards. Our brief included amalgamating two rooms into one with new floor, ceiling and wall covering; also included were electrical and plumbing works necessary for the installation and, of course all the changing places equipment including – ceiling hoist, shower bench, grab rails, height adjustable basin, sanitary ware and ancillary items.

    Multicare provided a flexible programme for the installation programme to fit in with the events at the hall.

    We are proud to provide complete end to end solutions supporting our clients every step of the way right through from initial consultation to installation management.

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    Providing students and teachers with more freedom, flexibility and choice of direction

    Executive Summary

    Lindon Bennett, a large SEN school in Middlesex has refurbished both of its campuses to accommodate a growing student population. The refurbishment included the supply and installation of new patient handling equipment to support students and teachers whilst in learning and care environments. The complex layout consisted of two classrooms divided by a hygiene area. The brief was to install ceiling hoists in each classroom that could individually transfer students into their own cubicle within the shared hygiene area.

    About our client

    Lindon Bennett is a large SEN school in Middlesex with two campuses, catering for students with disabilities. Having previously worked with the school on a number of installation projects, we had a good understanding of how the school operates and the challenges they face.

    “With a history of working with SEN schools across the UK, we already had a good understanding of what Lindon Bennett needed and how best we could assist them. Our expertise meant that we were able to provide them with solutions that they would greatly benefit from in the long run.”


    The initial plan was to install a ceiling track hoist in each classroom, both linking to a single curved rail that would follow through into the shared hygiene area.This would provide quick and safe transfers for students with hygienic needs.

    Upon a site visit, we noticed that whilst this option may be the most cost effective, it wouldn’t be the most practical in a school environment. The single rails would only give restricted access once the student was in the hygiene room and wouldn’t provide the flexibility in use of the room which the school needed.

    The Solution

    After a client consultation, we decided that installing turntables in the hygiene room would provide superior access to the facilities. The outcome is that teachers and students no longer rely on one hoist per cubicle. They now have the option to move into either classroom, and more freedom and flexibility in the hygiene area.

    Turntables offer a great solution for schools as they allow more flexibility in confined spaces and the hoist can be moved into four different directions.

    We also installed two GH3 ceiling hoists onto both of the rail systems. The GH3 hoist is also perfect for a school environment as it employs a constant recharge system, eliminating the hassle of remembering to charge the hoist when it is not in use. The GH3 is always ready for use, no matter where it is on the track.

    Hoist Supply Hoist Supply Hoist Supply Hoist Supply Hoist Supply

    Co-ordinated supply ensures successful opening of children’s respite centre.

    Executive Summary

    When a Local Authority in the North West was planning a new children’s respite facility and were concerned to get the detail right. With a wide range of equipment needs, the job of coordinating the different suppliers and specifications was becoming time consuming and inefficient, and by using the service of Multicare hey were able to save valuable time and resource.

    About our client

    Our client, a pro-active Local Authority in the North West, was upgrading its children’s respite centre from an old outdated building that no longer met the user’s needs to a new vibrant facility on the outskirts of town. With a constantly changing user base, and a variety of needs close liaison with the manager of the unit was essential. However due to the variety of equipment needs they turned to Multicare to provide a ‘One Stop Shop’ service, to enable the specifier to focus on other issues.

    “As a Constructionline and CHAS accredited contractor Multicare had the necessary expertise to work with the Main Contractor to ensure that both installation and delivery only equipment was installed safely and on time.”


    As children with very complex cases could attend the respite centre, the care staff had very clear ideas about the equipment they required. Multicare worked with the client to look at new equipment that had been developed since commissioning their existing building, and identified equipment that would fulfill the demanding specification, yet still be compatible with budgets and other design constraints.

    The Solution

    Multicare developed ceiling hoist designs that covered the bathroom, bedrooms, hygiene rooms and sensory room. The tracks were designed to provide maximum flexibility and coverage to as many areas as possible.

    In the bathroom a high low bath was specified. To enhance the quality of life for the children, lights, air spa and even bath speakers were specified!

    Additional items supplied included

    • Shower trolleys
    • Mobile hoist
    • Specialist Seating
    • Bed and mattresses
    • Wash dry WC

    Multicare worked with the Main Contractor to supply the relevent equipment at the correct time in the construction process.

    “By combining the entire supply of specialist equipment into one contract, the workload on the builder was vastly reduced and the number of contracts decreased, making for a smoother and easier installation and handover”

    Multicare provide the perfect caring environment

    Garage conversion provides the perfect solution for a caring environment.

    Executive Summary

    When our client became concerned about the care of her mother, she soon realized that the Local Council was unable to meet her expectations. She turned to Multicare to help provide the perfect caring environment where her mother could be cared for safely, and with dignity.

    About the property

    The house our client lived in was a contemporary estate house with an integral garage and the plan was to convert the garage, and knock through into the existing dining room. By doing this a large bedroom was created, with direct access to a spacious en-suite. We recommended a room covering hoist system in the bedroom, linking to a single track system in the bathroom, which would provide effortless transfers between the rooms.

    “Early involvement on the project and liaison with architect and builder enabled Multicare to prepare the room so that no additional supports below the ceiling were required.”


    Being a domestic property, our client was clearly concerned about the visual impact of the hoist and track system, so we worked closely with the builder and architect to ensure that all above ceiling supports were in place prior to the ceiling being boarded. Additionally we gave the builder very accurate dimensions showing the hoist and track, to enable him to construct a aperture through which the hoist could travel in to the en-suite.

    The solution

    Once the ceiling had been boarded, plastered and painted we were able to install the hoist brackets quickly and accurately.

    In the bedroom the room covering system means that the whole room is covered and our client’s mother can be transferred from the bed into her wheelchair with ease. She also has a day care chair, and the coverage means that there is no having to play ‘musical chairs’ with the chairs when transferring.

    The new combi lock gate system requires no power, making transfers from the bedroom to the bathroom very simple and quick, with no compromise on safety.

    The compact design of the GH1 hoist blends into the room, causing minimal impact.

    “The hoist has made all the difference!” – Client

    Hoist Installation in SEN School Hoist Installation in SEN School Hoist Installation in SEN School Hoist Installation in SEN School Hoist Installation in SEN School

    SEN School, West Midlands ceiling hoist

    Hollow walls and hollow ceiling proved no barrier to ceiling hoist installation.

    Executive Summary

    When an SEN School in the West Midlands refurbished a changing facility, they soon realized that a ceiling hoist would be essential to the smooth running of the facility. However a number of constraints built in to the room, it became apparent that an innovative solution was required.

    About our client

    Our client, a busy SEN School in Birmingham, was increasing its intake of primary aged children with a variety of disabilities. In order to do this, a new changing facility was commissioned, within the existing school building. The brief was to cover three changing couches, however there were a number of challenges to overcome!

    “Faced with challenges that most would have found impossible to overcome, Multicare used innovative solutions to deliver a working solution that was practical and cost effective


    The room selected for the changing area had a low false ceiling, with a non-structural concrete hollow beam roof above. The walls were stud walls, with no structural support and boxing at low level, preventing standard wall posts being used. Additionally a large beam running across the room reduced the working height of the hoist, whilst a sink and storage units in one corner prevented any fixing in that corner of the room.

    The Solution

    As there was no structural support in the ceiling, we opted for a wall fix hoist, however the stud walls meant that wall posts had to be used. Due to the boxing at low level we specified deep ‘feet’ at floor level to stand out over the boxing and transfer the load to the floor.

    The sink and storage units in one corner of the room, meant that a fixing point could not be achieved in that corner. Therefore the extra-long track overhang of 600mm was utilised, ensuring that all three changing couches were covered.

    The compact design of the GH3 meant that even with the low height of the beam, there was sufficient lift height for safe transfer from the changing couches into a wheelchair.

    “Thank you for all of the work that you have done to accommodate us and the various issues that have arisen” – School Business Manager

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