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New Lifting Hanger by Guldmann

Guldmann Newlifting hanger

We’re happy to announce that Guldmann have introduced a new and improved lifting hanger for all Guldmann ceiling track hoists.

The new hanger will replace all previous hangers in the Guldmann product range which have a 2 and 4 attachment point.

How can you benefit from the new lifting hanger?

Lower weight:

  • The new hanger is 30% lighter than the previous 4-point hanger, this makes it much easier to move, and less likely to hit your user.

Increased strength:

  • The maximum load has been increased to 375kg, making it usable for heavier users.

Improved comfort:

  • The new hanger has a soft, seamless surface meaning easier and quicker cleaning of the hanger and making it more comfortable to touch. Furthermore, ‘shock absorbers’ are fitted in the plastic at the ends of the hanger so your bathroom tiles don’t get damaged anymore!
Guldmann Old Style LIfting Hanger

Old style hangers

Guldmann new style lifting hanger

New lifting hanger


Range of sizes:

The new hanger is available in sizes XS, S and M. All previous lifting hangers are now discontinued and have been replaced with this new one. The Extra Small and Small lifting hanger are ideal for smaller and paediatric patients, keeping the sling straps straight and the user in a midline position.

The new lifting hanger is compatible with all Guldmann ceiling hoists. The hanger uses a ‘hook’ attachment, but an adaptor is available for old style GH2 hoists with a ‘snap-hook’ end.

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of the new Guldmann lifting hanger.