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Multicare Easter Givaway!

Claim a free personalised Easter Egg

Welcome to the Multicare Easter giveaway where you can claim a free persoanlised Easter Egg simply by doing one of the following

  • Place an order with that exceeds £1,000.00 (exc VAT)
  • Send us an enquiry for a project that you are pricing
  • Request a quotation for a project that you are working on

In order to qualify, make sure you contact us before Thursday 29th March 2018! (We’re not sure whether we’ll have any eggs left after that!)

Who’s name will you put on it? A friend, a loved one? Or maybe your name so that everybody knows who it belongs to!

Simply fill in the form below – we will do the rest!

Easter Giveaway

Fill in the form below to order your free Easter Egg
  • You can trust us - we're not Facebook. We will not sell your data or pass it on to anyone else.
  • Please tell us more about what you would like us to quote for, or the order you are placing. If you want to natter about it, just put PLEASE CALL ME
  • If you want us to call you, it would really help if you put your phone number in... Thanks
  • Please enter the text you want on your free easter Egg. P.S. nothing rude or offensive please.

Terms and Conditions

All enquiries must be received before 29/03/18. Multicare Medical Ltd (MML) reserves the right to refuse any enquires/claims it deems spurious, or non genuine. In the event of the featured product not being available, MML reserve the right to substitute for an alternative product that is of equal or greater quality. Only one Easter Egg per person.

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