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The proper use of extension straps – A step-by-step guide from Guldmann

Extension Straps

To ensure the proper use of extension straps from Guldmann, please read the step-by-step instructions below.

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What are extension straps?

Extension straps are used in situations to achieve various sitting positions or where different heights are required.

21. Extensions Straps


Follow these simple steps:

Before you carry out a patient transfer, be careful when you are attaching the lifting sling’s straps on the hooks.

Check that the straps have been correctly placed in the lifting hanger’s hooks.

When pressing the ‘up’ button on the hand control to lift the patient, check again that all straps remain
correctly placed in the lifting hanger’s hooks.

extension straps

Step 1:

Put the extensions strap through the loop on the sling.

extension straps

Step 2:

Fold the strap, as shown.

extension straps

Step 3:

Tighten the extension strap around the loop of the sling.

extension straps

Step 4:

When using the extension straps e.g. on the shoulder straps of the sling, the patient the sling will be more leant back and the angle in the hip will be more open.

extension straps

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