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Replacement for Chiltern Wispa Hoist

Guldmann GH3 Hoist

How to replace your Chiltern Wispa Hoist Unit

Once a familiar sight in the care homes and hospitals of the UK, the Chiltern Wispa has been superseded by more modern and technologically advanced hoist units. Modern hoists such as the GH1 and GH3 offer significant benefits over the Chiltern Wispa hoist.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Chiltern Wispa hoist, don’t panic – it needn’t cost the earth as there are some tricks you can use to keep cost and disruption to a minimum.

Use the old track

if you’ve got a Chiltern Wispa hoist unit there’s no need to remove the old track! All you need to do is choose a hoist such as the GH1, and there are adapted wheels sets for the hoist that enable it to rub ob the existing track. All that we need to do is check that it is rated for the load of the new hoist.

Make the electrics simple

By charging through the handset a modern hoist is quick and simple to charge. best of all you don’t have to worry when replacing an existing hoist, asd the holder is simply mounted on the wall, and the handset plugs for charging. Not only is this a safe and fast way to charge the hoist, but it also keeps the handset out of the way whilst not in use.

Don’t replace your slings

With our range of hoists there’s no need to replace all of your slings. Our loop spreader bar has two loops and is compatible with most loop slings, subject to documented risk assessment.

Free installation and commissioning

If you opt for our replacement GH1 instead for your Chiltern Wispa hoist, we’ll install it on the track and complete a LOLER commissioning test for you free of chargel – you’ll be set up and ready to go straight away.

Contact us today to look at replacing your Chiltern Wispa Hoist