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Featured Product – Pressalit 2000 Changing Couch

Pressalit 2000 Changing Couch

The 2000 series Changing Couch is a wall mounted changing table for adults with an array of impressive features. It has an exceptionally low starting height for smaller children to climb on to the bench. This combines with an impressive height adjustment range of over a metre to give a couch that is suitable for the tallest user.

Easy to clean

The 2000 series is also fitted with a removable mesh stretcher which enables the water to pass through to the collection tray underneath. When connected to the drainage hose, all soiled water is taken hygenically away with minimal splashing. The mesh cover can also be removed for cleaning and gives easy access to clean the tray underneath

Reducing risk, maintaining safety

With fold down safety side rails, you can maintain access whilst keeping the user safe on the table. The smooth electrical height adjustment of the 2000 series couch gives advantages to both users and the caregivers, as the correct working height is equally important for the carer’s safety and the user’s comfort.

Other key features

Folding                                 Mesh Supported Surface

2000-series-changing-couch-multicare      2000-series-changing-couch-multicare

Hygiene First                       Safety First

2000-series-changing-couch-multicare    2000-series-changing-couch-multicare


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