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    Deluxe Leg In Situ Sling

    12th September 2019

    What is a Deluxe Leg In Situ sling?

    The Deluxe Leg In Situ sling (formerly called an all day sling) is a type of sling that can be left underneath a user for a limited amount of time. It is called an in situ slings as it can be left “In Situation” or underneath a user for a limited period of time.

    Why would I use a Deluxe Leg In Situ sling?

    The Deluxe Leg In Situ sling, is simply the most supportive and comfortable sling available on the market today. It is supplied with an integral head support to assist users when lifting from the bed,and the parasilk lined legs provide comfort and make it easy to apply.

    Other benefits of the Deluxe Leg In situ sling are;

    • Very supportive leg design gives users comfort and support whilst being hoisted
    • Soft binding prevents damage to the skin
    • Removable bones provide exceptional level of support to the head
    • Adjustable types on the head support offer fantastic support
    • Can be used for below knee amputees
    • Toileting aperture as standard
    • Optional adjustable waist and chest belts available
    • Optional hip types available for additional support
    • Compatible with most types of joist open (subject to documented risk assessment)

    How long can I leave an in situ sling underneath a user?

    As stated above, an in situ sling is not a substitute for quality nursing care, and the length of time you can leave a sling underneath a user depends on a number of factors. A documented risk assessment and care plan must always be carried out on an in situ sling prior to use, and the results of this will determine the amount of time a sling can be left underneath a user. Factors to consider may include.

    • Does the user have any skin integrity issues?
    • Are they liable to overheating?
    • How tight is the fit of the wheelchair?
    • How comfortable is the sling when in place/

    What sizes are available?

    The Deluxe Leg In situ sling is available in a wide range of sizes to suit most needs. They are very common in schools, where parents/carers can put the sling on in the morning, ready for care staff to hoist immediately at school. The following standard sizes are kept in stock.

    • Sizes XXXSmall – XSmall for Children – Up to 58 Kg
    • Sizes Small – Large for adults
    • XXLarg – XXLarge for larger adults – Up to 220 Kg
    • Custom made slings are also available for users with specific needs such as Scoliosis or Kyphosis

    What fabrics are available?

    In situ slings are available in a range of fabrics to suit users needs. The most common fabrics are listed below.

    • Superfine – a very fine mesh fabric with Coolmax to prevent overheating in the sling. Ideal for children and small adult, only available for weights up to 58kg.
    • Superfine Plus – A High performance mesh fabric offering superior comfort. The mesh is breathable, helping to combat overheating and compresses to provide high levels of comfort and support. The Safe Working Load is 220kg. SUITABLE FOR BATHING
    • Double Layer Superfine Coolmax – COOLMAX fabric is designed to move moisture away from the body and enhance fabric drying rate thus keeping users feeling cool and dry. A double layer gives a weight capacity of up to 220 kg SUITABLE FOR BATHING.
    • Parasilk – The original In situ fabric, parasilk has become less popular as it is extremely slippery, leading to repositioning issues, and it can also get very hot. It is now mainly used for moulded wheelchairs, where the user is fitted very tightly into the chair.

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