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    Sling Tagging System

    27th March 2019

    Sling Tagging System – Hoist with confidence

    How do i know my slings are safe to use?? – This is a common question when moving and handling procedures are to be carried out.

    The sling inspection and tagging process we use will ensure that your slings are safe to use and clearly state when their next LOLER inspection is due. This tagging process means that staff can carry out hoisting with confidence and safety is dramatically increased.

    Problems with existing solutions:

    • Lack of traceability.
    • Current tags can get in the way when using your sling.
    • Some providers hand write the LOLER dates on the tag which looks unprofessional.
    • The tags are large and unpleasant to look at.
    • Not all providers tag their slings, making it harder for users to recognise if their sling has been LOLER tested.

    Our tagging solution:

    • Our sling tag is smaller and discreet.
    • The sling tag is easy to read and colour coded.
    • The LOLER dates are instantly visible and the sling tag is wash resistant.
    • The sling tag can be applied to any sling.
    • Our design means that it will not be uncomfortable or cause pressure points when using the sling.
    • The tag cannot be removed and then reattached.

    What are LOLER regulations?

    LOLER regulations (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Requirements, 1998) aim to ensure that all lifting equipment and lifting accessories in the workplace are used in a safe and appropriate manner.

    The regulations state that all lifting equipment should have suitable strength and stability for its designed use. LOLER also states that the Safe Working Load (SWL) and maintenance dates must be clearly visible on the equipment and any faults are reported immediately.

    LOLER is implemented to prevent the risk of injuries or fatalities which may occur from the use of lifting equipment within the care environment.

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