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    What to do if your carers don’t really care!

    20th March 2019

    Caring Practices

    As a care home manager you’re responsible for ensuring that good caring practices are set in your organisation. Unfortunately we hear many nursing home owners speak of tearing their hair our because they simply cant make training stick with their staff.

    Trainers come and go but nothing changes, staff do what they did before and carry on the same old way.

    Personalised Training

    Have you heard of personalised training? Our trainers don’t just go through the motions, they ask what specific challenges your staff are having right now and then provide practical training and solutions for those needs. In care environments there are a vast range of complexities and differing needs of individuals. Therefore specific training to those needs is of great benefit to carer staff.

    Importance of training

    Employers need to make sure that staff receive adequate training and information on people moving and handling. Practical training has an important role to play in ensuring that staff have the skills and confidence to hoist people safely. In addition to practicing with the equipment selection and use, staff need to understand the principles of hoisting, the potential risks, how to use the specific equipment they have in their workplace and how to implement individual handling plans.

    It is important that supervisors also receive training so that they are able to monitor, identify and correct poor practice.

    Who benefits from training?

    Some of the key areas identified as benefiting from training are as follows:

    Management – Compliance with the law, peace of mind, increased efficiency (Staff time), reduced likelihood of litigation and associated costs from injury.

    Carer staff – Have more confidence in handling patients/residents, have more time due to the increased efficiency, are kept safer and have less risk of injury. Achieve consistent care standards.

    Patients/Residents – Are kept safer, are cared for better, have improved well-being, are more comfortable during manual handling.

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