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    Modern ceiling hoists saving time and improving safety

    18th March 2019

    Modern ceiling hoists for disabled persons

    Today’s modern ceiling hoists offer far more than just a lift mounted on a track. There are many innovative features bringing massive benefits to both patients and carer staff alike.

    In this Blog we will cover just 3 features that help save time and improve safety.

    1. Constant Charge

    This saves carers time – as they don’t have to return the hoist to a specific charge point after each use, it is one less thing to remember, one less thing to do, which gives them more time to care for patients. It also improves safety as the hoist is always fully charged and ready to use.

    2. Anti Twist and Anti Rewind Device

    Anti Twist – This is a great device that stops the strap from being raised if it is twisted. If the strap is lifted whilst twisted, it could jam resulting in the strap having to be cut to release the user. This feature removes the risk of this happening improving safety.

    Anti Rewind – In older hoists, there was a danger that if the user continued to operate the hoist after the lifting strap was fully unwound, it could rewind the strap the wrong way on the hoist. This means that when the up button is pressed the hoist goes down, and when the down button is pressed the hoist goes up! Not only is this dangerous, but could damage the lift tape of the hoist.

    3. Twin Speed Lifting

    Carer’s time is precious, therefore the GH3 has two speeds for lifting. When lifting a patient it lifts at a reduced rate, making for a more comfortable lift with a soft start and stop. However when there is no patient in the hoist, the GH3 lifts three times as fast, enabling the carers to move the hoist out of the way, and focus on the patient care.

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