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    3 Reasons why the Guldmann GH3 hoist is the right choice

    7th March 2019

    The Guldmann GH3 overhead hoist

    The GH3 ceiling hoist is a lifting module that is user-friendly and powerful enough to handle lifting and moving procedures in almost all professional care settings. The lifting module is easy to operate and helps make lifting and moving procedures safe, simple and comfortable for user and care staff alike.

    3 Reasons why the Guldmann GH3 hoist is the right choice…………

    Before we tell you the 3 reasons why the Guldmann GH3 is the right choice we just need to mention another very important point….

    The new launch of a LIFETIME battery warranty on this hoist!!  So its really 4 reasons why the Guldmann GH3 is the right choice now!!

    1 – Constant charge

    The Guldmann GH3 overhead hoist charges itself through the rails, irrespective of where the hoist is positioned. This gives a number of benefits…

    • The hoist is always ready for use as the batteries are always charging
    • Users do not have to remember to place the hoist in a certain position for charging – perfect for multi user environments
    • Less breakdowns – as the hoist ensures that batteries are always charging, there is less chance of breakdowns

    2 – Ultra wide lifting tape

    The Ultra wide lifting tape on the Guldmann GH3 ensures:

    • A long life span
    • Only needs replacing after 20,000 lifts
    • Gives users and carers confidence

    3 – Easy to operate

    The Guldmann GH3 hoist is extremely simple to use:

    • Simple up and down buttons
    • Only one light on the hoist
    • Handset clips onto the top spreader bar for safety

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