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    Peace of mind with new lifetime battery warranty

    4th March 2019

    Ceiling hoist solutions – New lifetime battery warranty


    Multicare Medical Ltd are pleased to announce the introduction of a LIFETIME BATTERY WARRANTY  for GH3 hoists purchased after 1st March 2019.

    Director, Sam Wheatcroft explained that “we were constantly getting feedback from prospective clients that they were fed up with having to constantly buy new batteries for their existing ceiling hoists. We knew that the constant charge system on the GH3, combined with fantastically high quality Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries provided a lifetime solution, and when we looked through our records, we found that the number of replacement batteries we were fitting was incredibly low.

    So we decided to put our money where our mouth is and provide a lifetime warranty on the GH3  hoist batteries, giving our customers complete peace of mind. They can have confidence in the GH3 knowing that the battery will not fail, and in the unlikely event that it, does it will be replaced free of charge.”

    Why do hoist batteries fail?

    There are three key reasons why hoist batteries fail

    1. HUMAN ERROR is probably the main reason ceiling hoist batteries fail. Carers are busy people, focussed on caring for their patients, and it is easy in the hustle and bustle to forget to charge the hoist. This is especially true when an H frame system is in use, as two connections have to be made. The constant charge system of the GH3 means the hoist charges wherever it is on the track, carers do not have to return the hoist to a charging station after use, cutting out human error.
    2. SEALED LEAD ACID BATTERIES are used in the vast majority of ceiling hoists and there are two main  reasons they need replacing.
      1. Memory effect. Lead Acid batteries have a memory effect; if the battery is not fully drained before being fully recharged the capacity of the battery is reduced. NiMH batteries have no memory meaning they do not fail even if incorrectly charged.
      2. After 4 years the performance of the battery deteriorates rapidly, thereby reducing its effectiveness. NiMH batteries do not discernibly deteriorate with use.
    3. MECHANICAL FAILURE Many ceiling hoists employ poorly designed and cheap charging connections, and sometimes the hoist will not charge even when it is parked. The high quality design and components of the GH3 ensure that it always charges wherever it is on the track.

    Book a free, 20 minute, no obligation telephone consultation to find out whether a Lifetime Battery Warranty would benefit you.

    What are the implications of hoist battery failure?

    Hoist battery failure leads to a number of problems, any of which can have serious consequences. Some of the common complaints we hear from our new customers (those who haven’t yet started using the GH3) include

    1. PATIENT SAFETY If a hoist battery fails while in use, there is an immediate safety issue what if the brake fails, how is the user to be lowered to a safe surface? In turn this will lead to a lack of confidence in the hoist, making future hoisting more difficult.
    2. STAFF SAFETY When staff are presented with a user stranded in a hoist there is an immediate safety issue – how to get them out without staff injuring themselves . Many staff will try and lift, some will try alternative unsafe manoeuvres and the increased risk to staff is very high. How will staff hoist whilst waiting for the hoist to be repaired? Again this will lead to decreased confidence in the equipment, tempting staff to use other equipment, or none.
    3. COST When a hoist has to be repaired its going to cost! Not only the cost of parts, but also a callout fee and labour charges. But don’t forget the management costs, staff time meeting engineers and waiting around for equipment to be repaired.

    With all these increased risk factors, the GH3 constant charge system combined with the high quality NiMH batteries provides the perfect solution to reduce risks to your staff and students. The constant charge system will ensure that your batteries are maintained in perfect condition, whilst the batteries themselves will hold their charge longer, and last longer than any other battery.

    Don’t risk your patients safety, staff safety and limited resources with your next ceiling hoist. Buy a GH3 with a Lifetime Battery Warranty.

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