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    Featured Product – Active Trainer Sling

    19th February 2019

    Early mobilisation and rehabilitation

    Early mobilisation and rehabilitation are defined as positioning/repositioning exercises and physical activity, and spending more time out of bed – walking around or simply standing up.

    A ceiling hoist also makes balance/gait training safer for both the patient and the care staff. Patients feel safe and secure in the walking sling and can start to move around without the risk of falling.

    Gait Training

    The Guldmann Active Trainer (gait trainer) is a walking sling for people with sufficient leg strength to stand upright, but who have difficulty balancing. The Active Trainer is a sling to help maintain standing and provide support whilst walking.

    The sling supports the chest and the upper section of the back, while the straps provide support around the hips and eliminate the risk of the user “sliding out”. This walking sling is ideal for the early mobilisation of patients and provides confidence and safety for both user and carer in balance training situations: sitting on the edge of the bed, standing up or actually walking.


    A ceiling hoist system with the appropriate sling can help promote the early mobilisation and training of hospitalised patients in a manner safe for both patient and staff.

    Sizing and capacity

    The Guldmann Active Trainer is available in several sizes and is made from polyester material.

    This sling has a lifting capacity of up to 255 kg.

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    Using the appropriate sling is essential for efficient transfers to ensure comfort, dignity, and safety for the user and the care provider. The type of lifting sling have a major influence on the quality of the movement of the individual user.

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