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    Integrating care home design with specialist equipment

    7th February 2019

    Care home design and specialist equipment

    Care home design can be a challenge with varying complexities and considerations. It can also be complex to balance the varying client needs with practical application of specialist equipment needed while still keeping an eye on good design and aesthetics. These can lead to constant headaches and hiccups throughout each phase of the design and project.

    Getting advice and specialist help right from the start is key to a successful design and completion of the project. From the initial survey and assessments right through to the installation and training it is important to have someone that you can work alongside and have confidence in to make the process of specifying and installing specialist care equipment as simple as possible while maintaining great design. It is also important that you can get accurate CAD or DWG drawings of equipment to be installed.


    While it is important that equipment is functional, serviceable and practical it is also important that design is taken into consideration. With our experience and wide range of design solutions our hoists and other equipment can be made to blend into the surrounding with minimal visual impact.


    Experience with hoist installations is key to ensuring that equipment is installed to the correct specification and is safe, while keeping in mind the design.


    A detailed drawing is essential so that everyone involved is perfectly clear as to where the hoist is going to be installed and which areas are going to be covered by the hoisting system.

    All drawings are available on request.

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