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    The Secret of a successful hoist servicing and maintenance program

    31st January 2019

    Successful ceiling hoist servicing and maintenance

    We are all well aware of the risks that are associated with student moving and handling procedures. Ensuring that any equipment, for such procedures, is fully serviced, maintained and inspected for safe use is of all importance. Student/Resident and carer staff safety is critical during moving and handling procedures, accidents can result in injuries or even worse still fatalities.

    Here in this blog we mention some of the things that you may want to bear in mind when looking into servicing and maintenance programs for the equipment on your site.

    What should a good service program include?

    A good service program should include as a minimum a full service to the manufacturers specification. Remember that there are no legal qualifications required to carry out a service or a LOLER inspection, it simply has to be a ‘competent person’ All reputable manufacturers will carry out servicing training, so prior to signing a servicing contract, check that the providers and their staff have all had manufacturer’s training in the equipment that you have on site.

    As stated above lifting equipment used for lifting person should be inspected at intervals no less than 6 months. Again this has to be done by a ‘competent person’. The manufacturers service will often include all of the points that are covered in the LOLER inspection, however ensure that a LOLER inspection is included as part of the service.

    Following the service/LOLER inspection, you should receive a report of inspection. This is a legal document, that should state the type of inspection, results of the inspection and any recommendations for further work. These can be emailed or delivered via post – it is important that you act on the recommendations and keep the paperwork in a safe place for inspection purposes. If you are embracing the digital age, many providers will also provide an online portal for you to access you documents and certificates  at any time that is convenient to you.

    Any report should include recommendations for further work with identification of parts needed to be replaced and justification. Again with the advances in modern technology this can be backed up by photos as evidence.

    Importance of routine servicing

    A well planned routine servicing will actively prevent breakdowns, by assessing the condition and wear of essential components prior to them failing. By doing so and, replacing components prior to them failing, the inconvenience and risks of a breakdown are reduced.

    Whilst everyday checks are important, a thorough service to the manufacturers specification will examine components that are located within the equipment, not normally visible. It is essential that this is carried out to detect wear and tear on moving parts.

    Nobody wants an emergency situation in their establishment – this can lead to unsettling the staff and the users, and possibly an incident which may have to be reported. A pro-active servicing program will ensure that emergency incidents are avoided, leading to greater confidence and increased usage by your staff.

    Peace of mind

    Our engineers are fully trained in the servicing and maintenance of all types of equipment, helping you to consolidate suppliers and reduce costs, and your staff and users feel safe.  All servicing and service contracts can be tailored to your needs.

    Some examples of equipment that we service include: Mobile hoists, Wheelchairs, Ceiling hoists, Bath hoists, Pool hoists, Slings, Adjustable Baths, Specialist seating, Profiling beds, Shower trolleys, Medical scales etc

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