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    All patient slings are equal, but some are more equal than others…

    16th January 2019

    All patient slings are the same yes? Actually no…

    It is a common myth that all patient slings are the same, and that saving a few pounds on a sling, the same result will be achieved. Here are some tips on how to select a good quality sling, and the good news is that it won’t break the bank!

    Patient Slings Labels

    Take a good look at the slings that you are using. Are the labels worn? Inferior slings have printed labels, some have woven labels. Printed labels wear out meaning they fail LOLER inspections, Woven labels never wear out. Our slings have woven labels.

    What is the fabric like?

    Take the fabric of your sling in your hands? Is it rough, does it slide easily? remember your users are having this sling pulled against their bare skin. Ours slings are smooth, with slide sheet properties. They glide comfortably under the legs and don’t cause shear to the skin.

    How easy is is to use?

    Observe your staff using slings, are they competent, are the slings simple to use? Is a sense of confidence and well being conveyed to the residents as they are being transferred? Our slings are simple to use with a minimum of straps yet offering a maximum of support.

    Help is at hand

    The Guldmann range of patient slings offer exceptional value for money. They feature woven labels that will never wear out, a high quality polyester fabric with slide sheet properties that makes applying and retrieving the sling stress free. And the good news is that they won;’t break the bank…

    Click here to view the full range of Guldmann Slings

    Why not take advantage of our sling review service? We will visit your premises for a no-obligation discussion about your patient slings, look at issues you may be facing, and discuss how an upgrade programme may benefit you and your residents. Call 0800 298 6000 today top book your free visit by one of our specialists.

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