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    Training for safe student moving and handling in schools

    6th December 2018

    Fresh confidence for your staff and your students

    The moving and handling of students with varying needs and disabilities is a challenging one, especially in schools. The students safety while on the schools premises is a constant concern to everyone.

    Our new moving and handling division ensures that your environments become safer places for carers, staff and students alike. Drawing on years of experience, we have developed a unique portfolio of training courses to educate staff, minimise injuries and maintain carer and student safety at all times. With courses structured to your needs, our training programmes offer value for money together with serious practical advice. Hands-on training with scenario based outcomes ensure carer staff have time to practice and develop real skills for the real situations that they will encounter in your school. We have skilled trainers available, who are all experienced in moving and handling and are able to offer solutions to the unique challenges you face.

    Who benefits from training?

    Some of the key areas that we have identified as benefiting from training are as follows:

    Management – Compliance with the law, peace of mind, increased efficiency (Staff time), reduced likelihood of litigation and associated costs from injury.

    Carer staff – Have more confidence in handling students, have more time due to the increased efficiency, are kept safer and have less risk of injury. Achieve consistent care standards.

    Students – Are kept safer, are cared for better, have improved well-being, are more comfortable during manual handling.

    See more what the Royal College of Nursing says as to training. 

    Customer Testimonials

    Good to share a few testimonials of a recent training at a school…..

    • “Very Relevant and informative, Great delivery.”
    • “The course was fun but very informative, the role-play was excellent as it made the group think about the practical issues and how to solve them.”
    • “Kevin was a fantastic trainer, he made it fun, it was easy to understand.”
    • “An entertaining, factual and practical training which has prepared my staff well for their hoisting training role.”
    • “The course was fantastic, I feel more comfortable with hoisting now.”

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