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    Successful Changing Places Installation – Choosing equipment (Part 2)

    26th November 2018

    Changing Places Installation | Choosing Equipment (Part 2)

    When considering a Changing Places facility, it is important that the equipment installed meets all current disabled changing room regulations. Read our earlier blogs form more information on the regulations that apply

    In this section of the the 5 step guide to a successful changing places installation we will cover more items of equipment that are crucial to the installation.

    As mentioned in earlier articles you will notice that there are various options of equipment. The selection of any equipment will depend on a number of factors, including:

    • Budget
    • Space
    • Services available
    • Anticipated users

    Toilet options

    In a Changing Places facility, the toilet should be centrally located as a “peninsular” at least a metre away from walls on either side. By providing space on both sides of the toilet, wheelchair transfers or assistance from carers is enabled, leading to a safer experience for  the users. The toilet should be extra deep to enable hoists to work with it and a back support is often very helpful too.

    Standard Toilet – As a cost effective option, a standard toilet will meet the Changing Places requirements,. As discussed above, it should be extra deep to enable wheelchair transfers, and provided with a backrest for semi independent users. A high toilet is also useful for user who can walk, and this will also be compatible with the hoist system.

    Height Adjustable Toilet – Useful to be able to change the height for different users. Height adjustment is available in manual and electric versions.  Also can come with grab-rails attached.

    Aquaclean – Auto wash/dry.  Automatic WC that does everything for you…..  Perfect for those who want to maintain dignity and independence in the bathroom. At the touch of a button the AquaClean 8000 plus Shower Toilet will wash, clean and dry after using the toilet. This toilet combines all the features of a conventional WC and bidet, with the comfort of warm-air drying. A simple to use shower, drying and air purifying operation makes for a cleaner and more hygienic experience that is virtually hands-free. Fresh heated water cleaning at body temperature allows for a much more pleasant and comfortable sensation, yet the manual feature enables conventional use if the bathroom is used by multiple persons.

    Grab Rails – Requirements and options

    The Changing Places standard requires a total of 5 straight grab-rails, and 2 drop down grab-rails.

    These are located in the following positions:

    • 2 x Drop down rails – One either side of the toilet.
    • 2 x Standard 600 mm rails vertically positioned either side of the basin
    • 2 x Standard 600 mm rails vertically positioned either side of the toilet
    • 1 Standard 600 mm rail on the back of the door.

    Straight grab-rail options

    When considering the options for straight grab-rails, the following questions may help:

    1. Colour – To help visually impaired users a strong colour that stands out against the background is of benefit, for example dark blue rails.
    2. Material – Grab-rails are available in metal or plastic. The advantages of plastic are that it does not rust and is warmer to the touch.
    3. Fixing – It is also important to consider the material of the wall that the grab-rails will be fixed to, a strong fixing is absolutely essential.

    Drop down grab-rails

    Considerations for the options for drop down grab-rails include:

    1. Colour – To keep the colour scheme consistent is best if the colour of the drop down rails matches the straight rails.
    2. Height adjustable – Height adjustable by 240 mm giving great flexibility.
    3. Sideways adjustment – The grab-rail can be adjusted sideways on a wall rail.
    4. Ergonomic – ergonomically shaped to provide a clear sense of where the support arm ends.
    5. Materials: Arms are constructed of 10-micrometre anodized aluminium, with a non-slip gripping surface made of soft SEBS incorporating a glass-reinforced nylon core.

    Ancillary Items

    In addition to the major pieces of equipment outlined above, there are other smaller items that combine to make the room work effectively for disabled users. These are listed below.

    • Paper towel dispenser – located to one side of the basin, at a height suitable for wheelchair users
    • Wide paper couch roll dispenser – this provides a clean surface for users of the couch and should be situated close to the couch – ideally at one end
    • Folding privacy screen Located next to the toilet, either wall mounted or free standing this provides privacy for users on the toilet when there are carers present.
    • Colostomy bag shelf – useful for placing items on when using the room, this would usually be situated in one corner close to the toilet.
    •  Large sanitary disposal bin. usually yellow, this should be large enough to accept incontinence pads and other sanitary waste
    • Hand dryer – this is optional but often an advantage for disabled users
    • Standard bin – a large bin suitable for disposal of paper towels
    • Alarm cord – emergency pull cord  alarm with indicator outside the room
    • Coat hooks – two sets of coats hooks at 1050mm and 1400mm off the floor.

    No need to look elsewhere for smaller items! Our turn key solution includes all the ancillary items such as towel dispenser, hand dryer, mirror, privacy screen etc.

    In summary it is relatively easy to meet disabled changing room regulations when installing a Changing Places toilet – a little forethought and planning is all that’s needed.

    Are you meeting  Disabled Changing Room Regulations? – Contact us today.

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