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    How clever architects hide ceiling hoist tracks

    22nd November 2018

    Make an impression with your ceiling hoist track design / installation

    If you are looking to WOW your clients, and impress them with your attention to detail when it comes to ceiling hoist track systems then read on to discover how insetting the hoist track into the ceiling delight your clients

    Why hide the ceiling hoist track?

    Here are 3 key reasons why you would want to design the hoist system with the track hidden in the ceiling.

    1. It reduces the risks of cross infection

    The risk of cross infection is always a concern for hoisting systems, with the track installed above the ceiling this risk is reduced considerably as all bracketry and grooves on the top of the track are above the ceiling .

    2. It looks stunning and reduces any visual impact

    Having the track above the ceiling makes for a great look dramatically reducing the visual impact. Our unique track profile ensures the ceiling finishes neatly at the track providing a stunning finish.

    3. It gains lifting height

    With the track being flush with the ceiling the extra lifting height gained is almost 150 mm making a substantial difference. Perfect for rooms with low ceilings where every millimetre counts.

    Download a free technical file

    For a free technical file, on how to inset hoist tracks into ceilings call us on 0800 298 6000 or email sales@multicaremedical.co.uk

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